Spin Space

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Spin Space
Spin Space
Purpose Causes one of many effects to happen, generally positive to the player that lands on it, determined by a roulette.
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)

The Spin Space in Mario Party 9 causes one of many effects to happen which are determined by a roulette. Most of the effects are beneficial to the player that landed on the Spin Space. The Spin Space resembles the older designs of the Chance Time Space, though the Chance Time Space's function is different.

Effects on the Spin Wheel (Only four will appear out of all):

  • Steal Mini Stars from a Rival!
    • Steal a number of Mini Stars from any player of your choice (random is also an option).
  • Rivals can't use Special or Normal Dice Blocks!
    • Until the player's next turn, the other players will be unable to use Special or Normal Dice Blocks.
  • Get a Special Dice Block!
  • Swap Dice Blocks with a Rival!
    • Swaps Dice Blocks with any player chosen (random is also an option).
  • Hit the Dice Block again!
    • Like the Dash Space, the Captain gets to hit the Dice Block and move forward again.
  • Steal a Dice Block from a Rival!
    • Steal a Special Dice Block from any player chosen (random is also an option, if more than one player has any Special Dice Blocks).
  • Item Shuffle!
    • All owned Special Dice Blocks are shuffled and distributed to random players.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Case hasard Random Space
Italian Spazio a sorpresa Surprise space