POW Space

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POW Space
Purpose Decreases the value of all spaces by 10.
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)

The POW Space is a POW Block space in Mario Party 9. Unlike other spaces in the game, let alone in the entire Mario Party series, where spaces are always found on boards in Party Modes, the POW Space can only be found in the minigame mode High Rollers.

The POW Space is available for use only after the first turn of High Rollers. If a player rolls over the space, the number of points on all of the number spaces decrease by 10. If the POW Space is used when 0-point spaces are present, they turn back into 30-point spaces. The POW Space can be useful for players if there is a shortage of spaces worth a lot of points. Once the POW Space is used, it cannot be used again until the end of the turn (before the next minigame) when it will become active again. Additionally, after a player gets knocked off the board by an opponent's move item rush attack and when it is that player's turn again, they will start their turn on the POW Space and automatically activate it.