Boo's Horror Castle

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Boo's Horror Castle
Boo's Horror Castle
Appears in Mario Party 9
Mario Party: The Top 100 (cameo)
Availability Default
Music sample
“The one filled with terrible ghosts and worse decorating? That's Boo's Horror Castle!”
Bowser, Mario Party 9

Boo's Horror Castle is one of the seven boards of Mario Party 9. The players's default vehicle is the Flying Carpet. The unlockable vehicles for this board are the Float Mattress and the Boo Blanket. The mid-boss of this board is a giant Dry Bones, fought in a small fort on a flat tower on the side of the castle. The stage boss is King Boo.


The players begin just outside the castle. They ride up the steps and go through the front door, arriving in a large antechamber. The players eventually leave through a door on the left side of the chamber, emerging on a walkway that leads to the mid-boss fortress. After the mid-boss (Dry Bones in solo mode) is fought, an ethereal blue trail appears in the remains of the fortress, allowing the players' vehicle to enter the castle again.

After passing through several more rooms, the players emerge from the castle once more, using another glowing trail to reach the roof of the building. The players must navigate around the roof to reach a sealed Bowser Gate; to open the path, the captain must roll a number equal or higher to the number displayed on the gate. If they fail to breach the gate, the group must go around the roof again to get another chance, though the gate's number requirement decreases by 2 after every failed attempt to open it. Beyond the gate, players ride one last energy path to reach the tallest tower in the castle, where they must battle a Stage Boss (King Boo in solo mode) to complete the board.

The characters ride a floating object on this board, either a carpet or a bed. The vehicle available from the start is the Flying Carpet. The Float Mattress and the Boo Blanket can be purchased from the Museum for 200 Party Points each.


The main gimmicks and obstacles in Boo's Horror Castle are the Boo portraits scattered around the board. When the players pass a portrait, it spawns a Boo at the end of the turn. These Boos follow the players, moving three spaces at the end of each player's turn. If they catch up to the vehicle, the current captain will lose half of their Mini Stars and the Boo disappears. If 2 or more Boos catch up to the vehicle at the same time, they will lose more than half of their Mini Stars (2 Boos will take away 75%, 3 Boos will take away 87.5%, and so on).

Several branches in the path lead to well-lit areas that the Boos cannot enter, providing temporary safety from the wandering ghosts. However, this can cause the Boos to actually end up in front of the players, forcing captains to limit their movement, and becoming especially difficult if other Boos are still pursuing the vehicle.

In the first two sections of the board, the players will pass through a door on their way out of the castle, preventing any Boos still chasing them from following any further. Additionally, if any Boos summoned in the first area manage to get ahead of the players, they will disappear once they reach the mid-boss fort. On the other hand, any Boos in the second and third sections of the board that manage to avoid being trapped behind the door will end up circling the final roof section until they cross paths with a captain or the group manages to pass the Bowser Gate.

Scaredy Rat Race[edit]

In this Captain Event, a Scaredy Rat appears and steals two, three, or four Mini Stars from each player, depending on how many players there are. The players give chase, still riding their vehicle. The Scaredy Rat rolls a 1-2-3 Dice Block to escape along a course featuring several Dash Spaces, and the players roll standard 1-6 Dice Blocks in an order determined by the captain. If a player catches the Scaredy Rat, that player earns all of the stolen Mini Stars and the event ends. The event also ends if the Scaredy Rat reaches the end of the path and escapes, meaning that no player recovers the Mini Stars.

Deck Dry Bones[edit]

To defeat Dry Bones, players must memorize the color and symbols on several cards as they flip face-down. When Dry Bones appears on a platform, the players must choose a card whose color matches that of Dry Bones' platform. Successful matches damage the enemy, earning players three points per hit, unsuccessful matches do nothing, and players who choose a card with a Dry Bones symbol on it or no cards at all will get attacked by Dry Bones, losing one point.

As Dry Bones takes damage, he summons more platforms, increasing the difficulty of choosing a matching card. He also begins adding cards with his own face on them; players who choose these cards get whacked with a bone, costing them a point. When Dry Bones loses half of his health, he begins swapping rows or columns of cards after they flip over, attempting to further confuse the players.

King Boo's Puzzle Attack[edit]

King Boo's battle requires a quick eye and a fast hand. The players must try to line up multiple images of the same power-up. Once three or more are in a row, the items will fly at King Boo to inflict damage. The player will get one point for each power-up fired this way, with extra images in the line doing extra damage (e.g. if four Fire Flowers are in a row, the player will get four points). If the player lines up three Lightning Bolts, they will unleash a powerful attack, giving the player ten points and removing three points from all other players.

Once King Boo's HP drops below half, he will send Boos to harass the players. The Boos bob up and down, trying to chase the players' markers. If the Boos capture a player's marker, it will freeze and the player will have to shake the Wii Remote to break out. The ghosts can be briefly dispelled by lining up a Lightning Bolt attack, but King Boo will quickly replace them.

Uniquely, this is the only boss minigame that awards ten points (instead of three) to the player who lands the final blow on the enemy.


Type Number
Green Space
Green Spaces
Dice Space
Special Dice Block Spaces
Happening Space
Event Spaces
Forward Space
Dash Spaces
Back Space
Back Spaces
Shuffle Space
Shuffle Spaces
Spin Space
Spin Spaces
Lucky Space
Lucky Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Free-for-All Space
Free-for-All Spaces
Competition Space
Battle Spaces
1-Vs-3 Space
1-Vs-3 Spaces
Bowser Jr. Space
Bowser Jr. Spaces
Captain Event Space
Captain Event Spaces
Boss Space
Boss Battle Spaces
Total 112


  • Mario Party 9 Website bios:
    • Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. "Spooky... This haunted castle is infested by Boos and Scaredy Rats. Look sharp!"
    • Flag of the European Union (previously the European Economic Community). For European release dates. "As you and your party make your way through Boo’s Horror Castle on a floating bed, do your best to stay ahead of the ghostly Boo - who gives chase once you pass his portrait and helps himself to half of the Captain’s Mini Stars if he catches up."


Names in other languages[edit]

Boo's Horror Castle[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホラーキャッスル
Horā kyassuru
Horror Castle

Chinese 驚魂城堡
Jīnghún chéngbǎo
Horror Castle

French Cauchemar au manoir
Nightmare at the mansion
German Buu Huus Horrorburg
Boo's Horror Castle
Italian Lo spaventoso castello di Boo
Boo's Scary Castle
Korean 호러 캐슬
Horeo Kaeseul
Horror Castle

Spanish (NOA) Mansión Bú
Boo Mansion
Spanish (NOE) Mansión Boo
Boo Mansion

Flying Carpet[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 空飛ぶじゅうたん
Soratobu Jūtan
Flying Carpet

Float Mattress[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 空飛ぶベッド
Soratobu Beddo
Flying Bed

Boo Blanket[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレサじゅうたん
Teresa Jūtan
Boo Carpet