Roll 'em Raceway

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Roll 'em Raceway
Roll 'em Raceway in Super Mario Party Jamboree
Appears in Super Mario Party Jamboree

Roll 'em Raceway is a board that appears in Super Mario Party Jamboree. It takes place on a circuit race course with a pit stop, surrounded by grasslands. Players travel on this board by driving in a race car, as opposed to by foot as in other boards. This board features an exclusive item known as the Turbo Dice, which allows players to roll four Dice Blocks, giving them a range from four to forty spaces to travel in a single turn, at the cost of not being able to interact with any board events. Some event spaces pushes the player forward a few spaces, while others push you back to the start.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サイコロスピードウェイ
Saikoro Supīdowei
Dice Speedway

Chinese (traditional) 骰子快速道路
Tóuzi Kuàisù Dàolù
Dice Expressway

Dutch Dobbelblokcircuit[1]
Dice Block Circuit
French (NOA) Circuit débridé
French (NOE) Circuit déjanté
Crazy Circuit
German Meisterwürfler-Motodrom
Master Dice Motodrome
Italian Circuito Giradado
Roll-Dice Circuit
Portuguese Autódromo Lança-Dados
Roll-Dice Racetrack
Spanish Circuito Lanzadados
Roll-Dice Circuit