VS Space

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This article is about the spaces from Super Mario Party. For the spaces in several Mario Party games known as "VS Spaces" in Mario Party 5, see Minigame Space.
VS Space
Purpose Allows the players to to duel amongst each other.
First appearance Super Mario Party (2018)

The VS Space is a space that appears in Super Mario Party. It is a yellow space with "VS" on it. If a player land on this space, they will play a "Rumble Minigame" with the other players similar to duels from Mario Party: Star Rush. The player who landed on the space must first randomly select 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 coins to wager, and then initiate the minigame. Players will then win certain amounts of coins depending on their performance in the minigame, and the VS Space subsequently transforms into a Blue Space. If the space is played on Partner Party, the best team wins all the coins. If all players lose the minigame, the wagered coins are returned to the players.