Rapids Run

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Rapids Run
RapidsRun SMP.png
Game Super Mario Party
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Rapids Run is one of the third routes players can travel in the River Survival mode of Super Mario Party.


The route starts with groups of Dash Panels leading to a slight right waterfall. Three pairs of Dash Panels follow alongside some rocks and a + Clock before the players reach the first Minigame Balloon moving from side to side. After a slight left waterfall leading to the 2,500-meter mark, the route makes a slight right before another slight left waterfall with a + Clock at the end. The second Minigame Balloon subsequently appears behind a rock, and the players then traverse a steep waterfall. The next part of the route features some haphazardly-placed rocks and Dash Panels, and the third Minigame Balloon circling around some rocks. The players then reach the fork leading to either Blooper Pools or Eye of the Needle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Rafting acelerado
Accelerated Rafting