Gold Cheep Cheep

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Gold Cheep Cheep
Gold Cheep Cheep NSMB2 Prima.jpg
First appearance Mario Party 5 (2003)
Latest appearance Super Mario Party (2018)
Variant of Cheep Cheep

Gold Cheep Cheeps are golden varieties of Cheep Cheeps appearing in the Mario Party series and New Super Mario Bros. 2. Unlike other Cheep Cheeps, these have golden-colored scales.


Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party 5[edit]

Mario catching a Gold Cheep Cheep in Mario Party 5.

Gold Cheep Cheeps first appeared in Mario Party 5 in the minigame Fish Sticks. If the player catches one, they will earn two points.

Mario Party 10[edit]

Gold Cheep Cheeps reappear in Mario Party 10 in the minigame Cheep Cheep Leap. In this minigame, they give the player three points while ordinary Cheep Cheeps give one point and Big Cheep Cheeps give two points.

Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

Gold Cheep Cheeps appear in the Coin Chaos minigame Cheep Cheep Reach in Mario Party: Star Rush. They are rarer than regular Cheep Cheeps, are larger, and swim around quicker. However, they are worth more coins than regular Cheep Cheeps.

Super Mario Party[edit]

Gold Cheep Cheeps reappear in Super Mario Party, in the minigame Net Worth. They grant the players three points when netted.

New Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

Gold Cheep Cheeps in New Super Mario Bros. 2.

In New Super Mario Bros. 2, Cheep Cheeps become Gold Cheep Cheeps when the player touches a Gold Ring. They carry a trail of coins behind them. They can be defeated like an ordinary Cheep Cheep.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

Image Name Bio
MPSRCM GoldCheepCheep.png Gold Cheep Cheep
A golden and shiny Cheep Cheep.
"Catching these fancy fish can net you a ton of coins, but they're fairly rare to come across."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Cheep Cheep Dorado Golden Cheep Cheep
Chinese 金色泡泡魚[1]
Jīnsè Pàopàoyú
Golden Cheep Cheep