Nerve-Wrack Pack

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New Super Mario Bros. 2
Coin Rush pack
Nerve-Wrack Pack
CoinRush I3.png
Release date Japan October 2, 2012
Europe October 2, 2012
Australia October 2, 2012
USA October 4, 2012
South Korea December 12, 2012
HK June 21, 2013[1]
Difficulty Very Hard
Target 15,000 coins
Description "One mistake and it's over! Think you can handle it?"

The Nerve-Wrack Pack is the third of the three Coin Rush packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2 released in Japan, Europe, and Oceania on October 2nd, 2012, and in North America on October 4th, 2012. The pack contains challenging courses with no Checkpoint Flags, meaning no additional seconds can be added to the time limit. It is rated five out of five stars in difficulty, making it the second most difficult downloadable Coin Rush pack, after the Impossible Pack.

This pack uses 2 blocks on the SD card when bought alone.


Level Preview Description
First Course Survival Panic Pack; Course 1 A mountain level above a forest with many P Switches and Spinies.
Second Course Survival Panic Pack; Course 2 A volcano level with many Koopa Paratroopas that must be jumped on.
Third Course Survival Panic Pack; Course 3 A sky auto-dash level with many Bullet Bills that are to be jumped on.


New Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

  • North American Website bio:
    • "These courses will put your skills to the test! Includes three all-new courses!"
    • "The Nerve-Wrack Pack is perfect for skilled players looking for an added challenge. It will push even experienced players to the limit of their Mario skills!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いっぱつしょうぶでドキドキパック
Ippatsu Shōbu de Dokidoki Pakku
All-or-Nothing Heart-Pounding Pack

Chinese (traditional) 不留神就玩完!心驚膽跳關卡包[2]
Bù Liúshén Jiù Wánwán! Xīnjīngdǎntiào Guānkǎbāo
Inattention then all washed up! Heart-Pounding Courses Pack

French Mental d'acier
Mental strength
Italian Spaccanervi
Break nerves
Korean 긴장감 넘치는 조마조마 패키지
Ginjanggam Neomchineun Jomajoma Paekiji
Suspenseful and nervous package

Portuguese (NOE) Pilha de Nervos
Nervous Wreck
Spanish Nervios de acero
Nerves of steel


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