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An ! Pipe
The first ! Pipe in the game

An ! Pipe[1] is a black, metallic Warp Pipe with an exclamation mark on one of its junctions appearing in New Super Mario Bros. 2. It can only be activated as Fire or Gold Mario by shooting fireballs into the black entrance. A coin will come out of the yellow entrance for each fireball shot into the black entrance, and after twelve fireballs are shot into the pipe, any of the following will exit out of the yellow entrance: a Mega Mushroom, three 1-Up/Gold Mushrooms, or a Super Star.

The first ! Pipe appears in World 1-2 not too long before the Checkpoint Flag, and it produces a Mega Mushroom, which is necessary to receive the third Star Coin. The next one appears in World 3-2 immediately after the first Star Coin, and it produces a Super Star. Two appear in World 4-NSMBW Tower Icon.png, both of which are immediately after the Checkpoint Flag; the lower one produces three 1-Up Mushrooms, and the upper one produces a Super Star. Another Mega Mushroom-producing ! Pipe is found in World 5-6, which is also necessary to collect the third Star Coin. Two more ! Pipes appear in World MushroomNSMBW Mushroom Icon Sprite.png-3: one is near the beginning of the level and produces three 1-Up/Gold Mushrooms, and the other is near the end of the level and produces a Mega Mushroom which allows Mario to access a secret area beyond the exit pipe. Yet another appears in World StarStaricon.png-6 a little while after the Checkpoint Flag, and produces three 1-Up/Gold Mushrooms. Still another one appears in the first level of the Coin Challenge Pack A not long after the Checkpoint Flag and produces three Gold Mushrooms. One also appears in the first level of the Mystery Adventures Pack during the descending stone platform segment and produces three Gold Mushrooms. The final ! Pipe appears in the third level of the Mystery Adventures Pack guarded by the level's first Chain Chomp, and also produces three Gold Mushrooms.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビックリ土管[2]
Bikkuri Dokan
Surprise Pipe


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