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This is a list of glitches in the game New Super Mario Bros. 2. Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.


Coin Block glitch

In World 6-Bowser Castle, Mario and Luigi should both hit the coin block. Since there is only room for one, one of them will start bouncing on top of the other and then both will start making jumping sounds at faster speeds than normal.

Conveyor Belt glitch

mario executing the treadmill glitch

After defeating Lemmy Koopa in World Flower, the player must fly up using a Super Leaf and hit the switch. The conveyor belt should change color and direction along with the switch, but instead only the switch will change.[1]

Enemies in Blocks glitch

Mario triggering the enemy wall glitch

This glitch can be done in World Star-1 and requires Super Mario. First, Mario should Ground Pound some Brick Blocks near a Brick Block with nothing below it to make it possible to hit. It has a P Switch inside that Mario must press. Then Mario must run to the second platform after the ? Switch and wait for the P Switch to wear off. Then, if done correctly, the Koopa Troopa becomes stuck inside some Brick Blocks. After turning right, it appears slightly to the right for only a split second and then return to its original position. It can still dance to the beat in the music.[2]

If done with a Goomba, the Goomba walks back and forth, confined to a single Brick Block. Goombas hop to the music, so they move up one block each time they hop.

If done with a Shell, when the Koopa Troopa gets out of the shell, it moves up, however, the Koopa Troopa moves out of the brick blocks.

If near the flagpole, have the Koopa facing the right and press the P-Switch. When it wears off, the Koopa still moves.

Faster flying glitch

When Mario is in the Super Leaf power up, he can fly with a run up, decreasing his speed. However, if the player presses both the jump button (A Button or B Button) and the dash button (X Button or Y Button) multiple times simultaneously, Mario will conserve whatever speed he was running/walking with. This is a useful glitch for speedruns.

Floating spike glitch

This image shows bowser's band glitching up, due to his band going through his body.

In World 6-Bowser Castle, when Mario faces Bowser's second phase, if the player looks at the bottom of Bowser's hand spike bands, there will be a floating spike on both.

Frozen Goomba glitch

In the first level in the Gold Rush Pack, the player must become Gold Mario, go to an area with a Gold Ring and wait for a Goomba Tower of at least 2 Goombas tall to come by. Then, the player has to touch the gold ring and stomp on the Goomba at the top in the same jump. If done correctly, it will freeze and be unable to move. In addition, it trembles. When the Gold Ring's effects expire, the Goomba Tower will return to normal again. However, the glitch might not work every time.

Grabbing air glitch

In the first level of the Platform Panic Pack, near the end of the level, the player must ride on the Peepa platform that takes the player to the top of the Flagpole. However, if the player stands on the right side of the platform, sometimes Mario grabs the pole in midair then slowly float down it. On rare occasions, Mario might even go over it.

Offscreen jump glitch

For any Warp Cannon level, Mario must have a Super Leaf. Flying to the highest speed until the end of the level causes Mario to fall and jump normally. However, one can hear jump and Mario's voice a second time when he gets offscreen.

Red finished level glitch

If the player clears World 5-2 with the third Star Coin on the first completion, the level remains red even though World 5-3 is unlocked.

Red Ring glitch

Due to an oversight, in World 4-A, if the player activates the Red Ring but ignores the Red Coins and goes to the Mushroom Trampoline between two blue Warp Pipes that spawn Goombas after the Checkpoint Flag, the coins from the bottom will spout out, even though the player has not collected the Star Coin yet. After that, if the player then backtracks to the Red Coins' location, they will still be there and can even be collected and still reward a power-up.[3]

Non-disappearing spider web glitch

Mario Performing the spiderweb glitch.

In World 3-3 or World Flower-Ghost House, if done fast enough, Mario or Luigi can grab onto a web and jump off immediately without it disappearing.

Stuck in Blocks glitch

In World 6-1, if the player stands still in an empty area and stone blocks fill it, Mario or Luigi will be in front of them. However, they can jump out easily. If the player crouches, they will be stuck like so until they exit the bricks. They can also be freed by the volcanic debris.

Suspended ? Switch glitch

In the third level of Coin Challenge Pack B, the player should go to the end of the level and find a brick with a ? Switch in it near the flagpole. Then, they have to wait for the Volcanic Debris to crash onto the brick, smashing it. In the split second, they must also hit the block at the same time. Doing so results in the ? Switch popping up, but with an appearance of floating in mid-air.

Through Block glitch

A example of this glitch can be accomplished in World 2-1. If Mario jumps at the tilting block platform at a certain angle he can jump through the Block (this glitch was utilized in co-op mode). The player can also do this with a Mini Mushroom.


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