List of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.


Broken Pipe

In the Pumpkin Zone's second stage, after the water and Boos, there are some bricks. If the player is Super Mario, they should destroy only the first brick in the first column, by Spin Jumping. The player must then run back into the pipe. If the Broken Pipe glitch has been performed correctly, instead of going back to where the Boos are, Mario will then go through the wall, and back to where the pipe leading to the water is.[1]

Bubble in any Level

In the Hippo level, the player must pause and exit the level on the exact frame that Mario touches a bubble. Entering another level after that allows the player to use the bubble in that level (using a glitched assortment of other sprites as the game does not load the bubble sprite for any other level).[1]

File Select Counter Glitch

The player can perform this glitch by starting a new save file, completing Mushroom Zone by ringing the bell, and resetting the game after winning the minigame when Mario is about to leave. Returning to the file select screen, the counter displaying the number of levels completed shows one, but starting the file places Mario on Mushroom Zone, which he can replay again. This glitch can be repeated, which causes the counter to continue to increment by one each time it is performed until it reaches 99, after which it loops back to zero.[1]

Pipe Glitch

A glitch in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.
One result of the Pipe Glitch.

There are two ways to perform the Pipe Glitch. By going down a pipe in a level they have already completed, the player must hit the Start button and then press the Select button to exit the level while Mario is still inside it; this only works in version 1.0 of the game. Another method that is possible in all versions is done by losing a life at the same time as entering a pipe; the easiest way to do this is by grabbing a Koopa Shell and throwing it in a way that it returns to Mario while he is still on top of the pipe.

If done correctly and the player enters any stage, Mario will go through the floor as if there was a invisible pipe there. He will fall in either a transparent floor, where he cannot go anywhere, a copy of the stage of where the glitch was done, with no enemies or power-ups, or a mess of pseudo-random tiles and sprites used by the game that represents the game's RAM, where Mario is able to move around. However if he hits certain tiles, the following may happen: he may lose a life, the game will freeze, the game will reset and the player will be brought back to the title screen, the ending credits will scroll with the background music of the current level, or the game will act like Mario completed the level. However, the latter will prevent the player from getting the Golden Coin if done on a boss level.[1]

Spin Jump glitch

The Spin Jump Glitch can be performed in any level with a bottomless pit, or in any of the water portions of the Macro Zone's first stage. If Mario Spin Jumps into the pit/water at the bottom of the screen, the "brick break" sound effect will play. Also, the music will continue to play for a few seconds after the death sound.

Minigame Glitch

After hitting the bell at the end of a level, the player should keep pressing the right button to make the game glitch on the crane game, showing the crane game's machine, and a jumbled sprite of Mario at the top of the machine. This will cause the game to crash, leaving only a white screen. In order to fix the Minigame Glitch, the player must reset the game.

Small Bubble Glitch

In the Pumpkin Zone's first stage, the player should enter a pipe, and when they enter the water and the bubble appears, they should exit the level. When the player plays the level again, they will see the bubble float into the sky.[2]

Not Losing any Lives Glitch

If the player loses a life in a level they have already completed, it is possible to exit the level by pressing Start Button + Select Button (even when the death animation is playing, if done fast enough) without losing any lives.


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