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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Mario Galaxy.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names of glitches are unofficial.


Incorrect music glitches

This glitch can be performed in the Ghostly Galaxy, the Deep Dark Galaxy, and the Gold Leaf Galaxy.

Ghostly Galaxy

In the mission Beware of Bouldergeist, Mario/Luigi should barely enter the mansion, then come out. If done correctly, the mansion music will play outside.[1]

Deep Dark Galaxy

In any level (except the Daredevil/Purple Coin comet), when Mario/Luigi enters the cave far enough, the music will change. If they come out of the cave, the music will still play, even if they get the Rainbow Star or Fire Flower in the level. This does not work while the Undergrunt Gunner is still on the beach in the mission Bubble Blastoff.

Gold Leaf Galaxy

In the mission When It Rains, It Pours, Mario/Luigi must spin to the end of the vine leading to the boss area and then spin and fall down outside of the boss area. If done correctly, the boss theme should play during the level instead of the regular theme.

No music glitch

For this glitch, the player should go to the Good Egg Galaxy and select King Kaliente's Battle Fleet. Mario should go onto the roof of the house on the first planet. If Mario/Luigi uses the Launch Star while entering the orange pipe, no music will play until they reach the Airships or if they go into the hidden area on the rocky moon.[2]

No sound effects glitch

Shortly after closing the HOME Button Home Menu, a majority of sound effects will not play, despite the music playing as expected. One exception to this glitch is the sliding sound that plays after the player stops running.


Gateway Galaxy Pipe entry freeze

In Grand Star Rescue, if the player shoots a Star Bit at the pink pyramid-shaped objects on the Metal Planets on the same frame that they enter the pipe into the Flipswitch Area, the game will freeze.[3]

Gearmo's trash softlock

This can be done on any star where Mario needs to blow up trash. After talking to Gearmo to start the timer, the player should walk to the edge of the platform and jump off about 2 seconds before time runs out. If done correctly, the death sound effect will play but Mario will teleport back to Gearmo. The camera will then move away and slowly spiral downwards on its own, but the game will not respond to any controller input. This can only be escaped by resetting back to the Wii menu.[4]

Loopdeeloop Galaxy tutorial freeze

In Loopdeeloop Galaxy, Coach will give the player a tutorial on how to control the Manta Ray. However, if the player backflips off of the the Ray within 1/30 of a second of the beginning of the tutorial, they will be able to move around during this tutorial. Spinning at any point while the tutorial is active crashes the game.[5]

Toy Time Galaxy Flipswitch softlock

In The Flipswitch Chain and Fast Foes of Toy Time, activating all of the Flipswitches on the Chain Planets stops all of the Spike Traps where they are when the final switch is activated. Getting the Spike Traps in a certain position and then getting hit by one into the gap between two flipswitches puts Mario in a state where he cannot move and cannot pause. The only way to escape is to reset the game.[6]

Unactivated Bowser freeze

To perform this glitch, the player must first perform either version of the Unactivated Bowser glitch. Then, they must backtrack down the stars. Once the cutscene gets triggered, the game will freeze.[7]


Camera glitches

Beach Bowl Galaxy

During the The Secret Undersea Cavern mission of Beach Bowl Galaxy, the player must enter the cavern and unlock the Launch Star. Then, they should perform a Wall Jump up the tunnel and reach the top of the mountain. If Mario goes back into the hole and walks around the cavern, the player just sees the mountaintop as the camera is still outside.

Comet Observatory

The player must collect a Red Star in the Comet Observatory and go down the Fountain platform. From there, sometimes when the player flies out, the camera will not pan out of the platform, and the player can see Mario going out of sight. Some seconds later, the camera will return to normal. This can also be done via the Sand Mario glitch. If the player, while swimming through the sand, goes after the cage and then jumps out, they can go further inside the cave, leaving the camera behind.

Ghostly Galaxy

In the mission Beware of Bouldergeist of Ghostly Galaxy, the player must go through the fireplace. If they are outside, they must go back through the fireplace in the mansion. The camera will still be outside and the player will see Mario's silhouette moving behind the wall, inside the mansion. It quits when Mario goes outside again.

Launch Star misplaced camera

Mario/Luigi must be under a Launch Star, close enough to not need to jump to use it. The player should set the first-person camera mode and shake Wii Remote. The character will use the Launch Star and the camera will be misplaced very close to it. In some cases, such as the Launch Star at the Train Planet in Toy Time Galaxy, the camera will be kind of stuck on a wall.

Confused Kingfin glitch

Normally if playing as Mario, Kingfin will shine beams of light from his eyes when being fought. When playing as Luigi, no light will shine. However, if Mario interacts with Luigi on the Comet Observatory (after he has been rescued) by jumping, ground-pounding, etc. before the player fights Kingfin, the eyes will not shine, as if the player were playing as Luigi. This can be performed as many times as the player wishes, and if Mario fights Kingfin without bothering Luigi, the glitch will not come into effect.[7]

Note: This glitch was fixed in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars release of the game.

Disappearing Penguin glitch

In Buoy Base Galaxy, the player should stand underwater near the diving Penguin. If done correctly, the Penguin will disappear when it dives.

Eternal explosion glitch

A glitched Li'l Cinder in the Freezeflame Galaxy due to a glitch
The Li'l Cinder exploding

To perform this glitch, the player must select the Freezeflame's Blistering Core mission of the Freezeflame Galaxy and play until they reach the star. The player must grab a Fire Flower and shoot a fireball at a Li'l Cinder right when it falls in the lava. This will cause a fiery explosion where the Li'l Cinder had fallen, which will last for the rest of the level.

Freezeflame Galaxy out of bounds glitch

This glitch is easier with Luigi, but both Mario Brothers can perform this glitch. To perform it, the player should go to the Freezeflame Galaxy's mission Hot and Cold Collide. Mario should reach the second planet and triple jump in the walkway between the sides of the planet. The player should use the slope-climbing glitch to reach the top of the planet. When the player walks on the planet, random textures of ice water will appear. The planet's surface does not match its collision, so in some spots Mario/Luigi will either be inside the ground or floating slightly above it.[7]

Grassy planet glitch

In Bowser Jr's Robot Reactor, by looking at the Starting Planet from the Megaleg planet, it will appear covered in grass, reflecting its pre-release version. This happens because the developers didn't create a low-poly model of the newer Starting Planet so the game uses the old one instead.

Holding nothing glitch

If the player attracts a Koopa Shell and then long jumps and bonks into a wall at the exact moment the shell enters their hand, the player will grab the shell as it breaks. This results in the player being in the holding pose despite there being no shell in their hands. The pose does not limit the player's moveset but spinning, taking damage, or swimming will end the glitch.

Luigi frozen scream glitch

To perform this glitch, the player must first go to the Red Star near the Starshroom in the Garage of the Comet Observatory. The player must spin in an exact spot. If done correctly, Luigi will yell but not move. Mario can also do this if he spins in the air while as Flying Mario.

The same thing also happens if the player spins Luigi twice repeatedly. Luigi will not move on the second spin.[7]

Misplaced Comet Star icon glitch

Wrongly placed Comet Star icon glitch
No icon but a Prankster Comet.
Wrongly placed Comet Star icon glitch
No Prankster Comet but an icon.

In the Engine Room, the player should get the three non-hidden stars in the first galaxy. Then, they should get two stars in the second galaxy and two stars in the third galaxy. A Prankster Comet may be in orbit for the second or third galaxy but the comet star icon instead appears in the first galaxy.

Non-exhausted Mario glitch

If Mario has only one life section left, he normally gets in a tired pose and his breathing voice effect can be heard. However, if the player activates the first-person view and then goes back to the normal view, Mario returns to his normal pose (although his breath can still be heard).[7]

Sad Toad glitch

Wherever the Banktoad is found when he is mining, if the player enters the first-person view and fires a Star Bit at him, he will frown until the level is exited or if the player uses a Spin on him.

Talking in midair glitch

While climbing a Honeycomb Wall using the Bee Suit, it is possible to talk to NPCs, causing Mario/Luigi to stand upright on the wall. This is intended, however if the player crawls off the edge of the honeycomb while pressing the A Button button, they will be floating in midair during the conversation.


NOTE: These glitches result from how Mario and/or other characters interact with the world.

Between fire and ice glitch

This glitch can be performed in Freezeflame Galaxy's mission Hot and Cold Collide by jumping into the edge of a lava tile at a precise angle and position while the Ice Flower is active. The player will be squished in between the hexagonal tiles created by the Ice Flower and the square tiles of lava, and after a second begin to vibrate rapidly. The player does not take damage while in this state, and does not begin to take damage until the hexagonal ice tiles melt. After these tiles melt, the player can complete the level if this is performed near enough to another Ice Flower.[8]

Blue house entry glitch

In Deep Dark Galaxy, by going to the miniature Gate planet, it is possible to crouch walk through the door of the house with the blue roof. The walls have no collision on the inside and going into first-person view reveals that they are not textured either.

Boo jump glitch

When collecting a Boo Mushroom during an action such as crouch jumping or spinning, the animation gets stored and will play again once Mario loses the power-up from exposure to bright light. If the player collects a Boo Mushroom while landing from a ground pound, Mario will be sitting in midair upon losing the power-up. The player can briefly jump during this animation, despite being off the ground.

Bowser's Star Reactor death glitch

Mario losing a life in Bowser's Star Reactor due to a glitch
The glitch in action

In Bowser's Star Reactor, the player must get to the end of the Loop Planet and get on the platform. If they do a long jump toward the Gravity Planet while the platform is moving, Mario will fall towards the gravity planet and die, tumbling as if he went into a black hole.

Coin escape glitch

For this glitch, the player must go to Toy Time Galaxy's first mission, Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser, and reach the Mecha Bowser planet. The player must be in the place with the Mechakoopa and guide one to the gravity wall near the Fire Bar. Then, they should Ground Pound the enemy, causing a coin to pop from it. If done correctly, the coin is attracted by the Fire Bar's gravity and disappears.

Death roof glitch

To perform this glitch, the player should go to the Ghostly Galaxy and enter the Luigi and the Haunted Mansion mission. If Mario is near the window with Luigi, jumps down the platform, and lands on the spiky roof, Mario loses a life instantly.[9]

Fall through the lava glitch

SMG InLava.png
Mario under the green platform
SMG FellThroughLava.png
After falling through

On the Tower Planet in Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, if Mario/Luigi lands in the lava right next to one of the moving green platforms, they will be under the platform and then under the lava. When Mario/Luigi stops sprinting in pain, he will be stuck in some gravity force beneath the lava. If the player then Spins, they will fall away from the planet and then be sucked into a black hole.

Fall twice glitch

The camera glitching after Mario falls twice on the Comet Observatory due to a glitch
The camera glitching as Mario as the game improperly attempts to lift Mario the first time he falls

On the Comet Observatory, when the player falls off, they are lifted back up to the observatory by the ship. If Luigi runs to the Beacon and long-jumps, he will hit the bar spinning around the beacon and fall. He will be lifted back to the ground, but he will fall again, only to be lifted a second time normally. Mario can do this too, but it's harder to pull off as him.[7]

Floating Toad glitch

A Toad in the Space Junk Galaxy floating due to a glitch
The floating Toad

To perform this glitch, the player should go to the level Tarantox's Tangled Web. Mario should go to the final planet where Tarantox is fought and launch the green Toad onto the platform. Then, the player should jump into the sling pod and launch Mario onto the same platform so it breaks. If the player looks at Toad closely, he can be seen floating.

Glass clip

In Space Junk Galaxy's Tarantox's Tangled Web, the player should make their way to the Small Maze Planet, and head to the spot on the glass directly above the Launch Star. They should then crouch, and then as they are uncrouching they should spin. The player's hitbox will extend far enough below the glass that it reaches the Launch Star, and Mario will get clipped into the glass and sucked into the Launch Star, where they will continue the mission.[10] A similar clip can be done at the end of Super Mario Galaxy 2's Battle Belt Galaxy.

Gravity tug-of-war glitch

There are two possible ways to perform this glitch in Bowser's Star Reactor. For the first way, the player must jump on top of the Thwomp after the spiral planet, then long jump off of it and spin. If done correctly, the player will be caught in a gravity tug-of-war between gravity of the planet and the out-of-bounds area until they finally fly out of bounds and die.[7][11]

The second method involves long jumping off the right side of the spiral planet after the 1-Up Mushroom. Doing this correctly yields the same results as the first one.[12]

It is also possible to perform this glitch in Freezeflame Galaxy. In the 2nd mission, the player must walk off the platform where the gravity switch takes place. This will sometimes cause the player to constantly switch between the two gravity fields.

Hill clip

In Deep Dark Galaxy, the player needs to approach the hill at the top of the level, next to the pipe that leads to the bonus room. Mario needs to backflip onto the hill and use the slope climbing glitch. When Mario reaches a certain point on the hill, he will fall through it and either die or land in a body of water outside the normally-accessible area.[13]

Hit warps

Hit Warps occur after the player Long Jumps and hits a wall. When the player finally falls to the ground they will be warped up to the vertical position of where they hit the wall. They can be done in many different places throughout the game:[14]

  • Honeyhive Galaxy, Trouble on the Tower. The player should make their way to the Rattle Planet and do a precise Long Jump into the tube from the side of the planet so that they can bonk on the inside of the tube, then fall to the ground and they will be warped back up to the Rattle Planet.
  • Space Junk Galaxy Starshroom glitch
    A view of space from yellow Starshroom
    Space Junk Galaxy, Kamella's Airship Attack. Mario/Luigi starts out on a yellow Starshroom, facing a red one. To perform this glitch, the player should stand in the middle of the yellow one, then run at the red one and do a long jump. If they hit a certain point on the red Starshroom, they will be thrust back to the yellow one and end up inside it. When this happens, the player cannot immediately enter first-person view, but they might be able to if they move to a certain spot inside the Starshoom. There is no way to exit the Starshroom; the player must return to the observatory to escape.[7]
  • Beach Bowl Galaxy, Wall Jumping up Waterfalls. The player should go to the waterfall planet, collect the Ice Flower, and wall-jump up the waterfall nearest to the flower. Once on top of the platform, the player should long-jump, hitting the waterfall, and, right before Mario/Luigi hits the ground, use the spin attack. If done correctly, Mario/Luigi will be at the top of the waterfall, only to fall back down again.[7]
  • Dusty Dune Galaxy, Soaring on the Desert Winds. When the player reaches the section with the rotating stone wheels, they should stand on one wheel and long-jump to just the right spot on another. If done correctly, Mario will bounce back and be pushed inside the wheel. Mario will circle around the center of the wheel and move erratically. It is possible to exit the wheel.[7]
  • Bowser's Dark Matter Plant. At the beginning of the first 2-D section, the player should long jump in such a way that they bonk near the corner of the upside-down gravity and rightwards-gravity sections, and they will be warped all the way outside of the section.

Inside the Beacon glitch

Mario inside the Beacon due to a glitch
Mario inside the Beacon

To perform this glitch, the player will need to fly with a Red Star to the top of the Beacon. The character will pass through the Beacon.

Inside the Dreadnought glitch

Mario inside the Dreadnought due to a glitch
Mario inside the Dreadnought

In Dreadnought Galaxy, the player should select the Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons mission. At the end of the level, where the two Sentry Beams are found and when the final moving platform is close to stopping, they have to jump off. If performed correctly, Mario/Luigi will be pushed inside the planet and hang on to an invisible platform once inside. If the player presses A Button, Mario/Luigi will get up, only to fall into space and lose a life.

Alternatively, the player can jump on top of the Thwomp midway through the cannon sequence. By long jumping when the Thwomp rises up, Mario will jump far enough to land on the edge of the dreadnought. There are death planes immediately behind and above the player at this point. It is possible to jump back to the moving platforms. Long jumping off of the far left edge of the dreadnought will result in a very long fall before losing a life.[15]

Invisible platform glitch

To perform this glitch the player must go to the second half of Bubble Breeze Galaxy. Mario/Luigi should backflip onto the rocks and land on a small invisible platform above the swamp with slippery edges. A huge shortcut can be taken in the level using the glitch, by long jumping to the area with the Power Star on the other side of the rocks. [7][16]

Jump to lava planet glitch

As Luigi, in Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor, on the first planet, the player needs to do a triple jump towards the cage with the three coins in it and land the second jump right on top of the cage. When done, in the middle of the third jump, the player must spin and, if done correctly, Luigi will be sent flying towards the lava planet. Due to landing so far away from where the Launch Star makes the player land, Luigi will have no choice but to land in the lava, bounce around a few times, and lose a life.

Launch Star warps

Similarly to hit warps, Launch Star warps occur sometimes when the player lands on the planet with the same animation as they do when Long Jumping into a wall. This happens most notably on the Cyclone Stone in Beach Bowl Galaxy's The Secret Undersea Cavern. [14]

Mansion floor clip

In Ghostly Galaxy, the player must select the first mission. Once they reach the part outside the mansion with the three Pull Stars, they must long jump off and pull themself back with one of the Pull Stars. If done correctly, they will get stuck below the platforms and be able to clip up into the mansion from below.

Mario fling glitch

Mario's superjump in the Dusty Dune Galaxy due to a glitch
The glitch in action in the Dusty Dune Galaxy

There are many ways that the player can fling Mario. It is easy to do it in both the Toy Time Galaxy and the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

To do this in the Toy Time Galaxy, the player must start the mission Fast Foes of Toy Time and go to one of the Tox Boxes and land in the hole. It will fling Mario around. Mario may also get squished in midair. The Tox Box can also fling the camera when Mario gets squished.

To do this in the Dusty Dune Galaxy, the player must start the level "Blasting through the Sand". When the player goes to the planet that has the switch, Mario must ground pound it and wait about 40 seconds. Mario should jump several times and when time runs out, Mario will be flung into the sky.[7]

Orbit death glitch

Mario dying after performing the orbit death glitch

In the level Beware of Bouldergeist in Ghostly Galaxy, when the player gets to the hollow planet with a bouncy core, the player has to do a long jump, holding the Nunchuk Control Stick forward. If it is done correctly, Mario or Luigi will end up orbiting the planet and, after some yet unknown conditions, he will fall to death, either through the planet, or moving past it.

Pull Star movement exploit

A glitch from Super Mario Galaxy involving Luigi on a star bit shooter planet.
Luigi on a Star Peace Spouting Planet after using the glitch

By repeatedly Spinning while using a Pull Star, and grabbing the Pull Star to avoid falling, Mario and Luigi are able to access any area within range of that Pull Star.[17]

Respawn skips

In Bowser's Star Reactor, the player must long jump off the edge at the end of the very first part of the level, off to the right side of the Warp Pipe-like structure. If done correctly, Mario will die and respawn at the area with the Thwomp. However, the glitch is very area-specific.[18]

In Freezeflame Galaxy, the player must select Freezeflame's Blistering Core and go to the area that requires the torches to be lit to reveal the wall jump section. Dying in the lava will sometimes respawn the player past the wall jump section.

Sand Mario glitch

A glitch from Super Mario Galaxy
A view of the outside from the red Starshroom.

In the first mission of the Deep Dark Galaxy, there is a cannon fixed into the beach. Mario or Luigi must jump into the cannon and aim at the spot where the umbrella connects to the pole as far to the right as possible. If done correctly Mario will be in the sand but partly in the lawn chair. Mario must then crouch and move forward and he will fall under the sand and start swimming in it. Another way to do this is to get to the part where Mario is partly in the chair and have a crab hit Mario then crouch down. While Mario is in the sand if he swims too far away or down he will die. Mario can access the inside of the red Starshroom, the inside of one of the palm trees, or the vases just by jumping under them. If Mario swims under the gate, he will reach the same out-of-bounds water area as in the "falling through the hill" glitch.[7][19]

Seam shaking glitch

If the player positions Mario at the right spot on the seam in the ground of the entrance to the Garden dome, Mario will shake rapidly because the game treats it as if Mario were falling.[7]

Shell clip

If the player spins to attract a shell and then quickly long jumps away, the shell will keep circling around and chasing the player until they catch it. The shell will go through the ground while it is circling.

Slope climbing glitch

Although spinning is normally not possible on slippery slopes, the player can bypass this restriction. To do so, the player must jump onto the slope, face away from the slope, press the control stick in the direction Mario/Luigi is facing, jump, then Spin while reversing the stick to face the opposite direction from Mario/Luigi. This odd glitch can be done multiple times in a row to climb slopes that are otherwise too steep to use. Several sub-glitches make use of this.[7] Another way of performing this glitch is to walk up a slope and spin repeatedly. However, this version only works on certain slopes.

Space leap glitch

To perform this glitch, the player must select the second mission of Space Junk Galaxy. On the second airship, they must long jump off of the very back end. After a few seconds, the gravity will change and Mario will either land on the Starshrooms or the Pull Star Planets.

Spheroid planet clips

Luigi having fallen through the stone planet in the Good Egg Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.
Luigi having fallen through the planet in Good Egg Galaxy

There are many different places this glitch can be done. The first way is to go to Drip Drop Galaxy and open the chest containing the Spiny Cheep-Cheep. If the Porcupuffer hits Mario/Luigi so that he is pinned to the ground, Mario/Luigi may fall through the floor and into the planet, still being able to swim. The glitch will end when Mario/Luigi swims up through the surface of the planet and into the main water body or dies.

Another way this can be performed is to go to Good Egg Galaxy's Rock Planet during the Purple Comet mission. If Mario/Luigi spins near the metal bulge with the Star Bit crystal on it, he will fall into the planet and suddenly start perpetually orbiting around the unseen center of it; glitching the camera as well. The only way to end the glitch is to exit the level.

Another way is to go to Melty Molten Galaxy and enter the mission Through the Meteor Storm. On the Stone Octagon Planet, the player should stand near the first Thwomp in Mario's path. When it smashes into the ground, Mario or Luigi will instantly fall through the planet's floor and into the black hole.

Another way is to go to Snow Cap Galaxy and enter the mission Star Bunnies in the Snow, catch two of the three Star Bunnies, and have Fire Mario/Fire Luigi and near a high ravine. The player must then throw a fireball at the bunny. If done correctly, Mario/Luigi will fall through the planet with the camera shifting in random directions. There are two ways to end the glitch: wait for the timer to hit 0, or exit the mission.

Standing on air glitch

To perform this glitch, the player must go to Bowser's Star Reactor and get to the point where Bowser starts spitting asteroids at the checkered platforms. When Mario gets to the last platform before the Bowser battle, the player must quickly zoom in with the camera and Mario will stare at Bowser. Mario will not move while the checkered platforms sink down and will stand on air. However, If Mario looks down, he goes out of camera mode and falls.

Stuck at the Launch Star glitch

Mario clipped inside a platform in Gusty Garden Galaxy due to a glitch
Mario clipping inside the gravity blocks

In the level Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble, the player should perform a long-jump on the left corner at the bottom of the third group of blocks. If done correctly, Mario/Luigi may fall back to the planetoids where the Launch Star is. Because the blocks' gravity has been changed, if the player uses the Launch Star, they will fall back to the Launch Star immediately after landing. Therefore, the only way to progress is to die or reset the level.[20]

Stuck on Bowser Jr.'s Airship glitch

During the final boss battle, after Bowser is finished talking to Mario, the Gravity will change and Mario would normally be drawn to the first planet they battle on. However, if Mario spins at the right moment as the gravity switches and heads for the Airship, they will be stuck fighting uncontrollably. It is possible to be freed by the warping glitch or by jumping or spinning. Performing either action will send them to the boss planet.

Stuck on umbrella glitch

Mario stuck on the umbrella

This glitch only works in the Deep Dark Galaxy. The player should choose any mission except the comet mission. The player must enter the cannon and fire it into a certain red section on the beach umbrella. Once done, Mario is stuck in a curled-up position, though he can still be moved around. If the player stops moving the Nunchuk Control Stick on the Wii Remote, the glitch will end.

The same can happen if Mario is fired with the cannon to a specific spot on the wall.[7]

Swim through glass glitch

Mario swimming half inside the water in the Buoy Base Galaxy due to a glitch
The glitch in action

This glitch can be performed in the Buoy Base Galaxy. Mario or Luigi must head to the edge ring of Buoy Base, then fall to the second or third ring by spinning. There, the player needs to walk to the glass. If done correctly, only half of Mario or Luigi passes through the glass, so the player can swim half in the space and half in water.

Upside-down Lumas glitch

It is possible to cause Comet Tico and Lumalee to float upside-down. This is triggered by talking to either luma from a very specific position at the back center part of their shadow, with the luma facing opposite the direction of the camera. Due to the awkward positioning, Comet Tico/Lumalee will turn upside down to receive the Star Bits.[7]

In the case of Comet Tico, he will remain upside down until the area is reloaded. Lumalee disappears after receiving Star Bits, but the mushroom purchased will still be upside down.

Walk on map glitch

Mario standing on the map due to a glitch
Mario on top of the map

On the Comet Observatory, if the player jumps correctly, Mario will land right on top of the big blue map and stay there. The player can move left and right or jump off, but if the player does nothing, Mario will remain on top of the map without falling off.[7]


NOTE: These glitches abuse interactions that cause objects or displayed information to perform unintended behaviors.

Coin resurrection glitch

To perform this glitch, the player must be near both a coin and an enemy that can easily knock Mario or Luigi off his feet. The player must have one wedge of health and get pushed by the enemy into the coin. Then, the player will be revived instead of losing a life. This glitch is also present in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Distant vibration glitch

This glitch can only be performed in the Deep Dark Galaxy's Bubble Blastoff mission. To do it, the player must either stand on the Starting Planet or shoot Mario to the Wooden Planet or the Gateway Galaxy Planet. Regardless of which of the planets Mario stands on, the player must go into first-person mode and then have Mario look up at the Watermelon Planet, which is positioned to the left of the Starting Planet. When the player looks up at this planet and starting from that time, they will be able to feel the Wii Remote vibrating as the three tennis balls inside the Watermelon Planet continuously bounce around and hit each other, even though the player is nowhere near the planet. This is odd as the player will not feel the Wii Remote vibrate if Mario is standing on the Cheep Cheep Gambol Planet, which is even closer to the Watermelon Planet than any of the three aforementioned planets.

Far chatting glitch

Far Chatting Glitch
The glitch in action

While freeing Toad from a Sling Pod atop the Stone Planet of Space Junk Galaxy, if Toad gets stuck in another Sling Pod, the game will think that Toad is still stuck near Mario/Luigi, and the player will be able to press A Button to talk to the Toad, even though the Toad is on another Planet.[7]

Far-flying Shell glitch

If the player attracts a Koopa Shell and hits a wall before it reaches them, the shell will start flying away in a straight line until the player gets back up, when it will turn around and fly back to the player's hands.

If the player performs the glitch and then hits a wall again immediately before the shell reaches them, they will hold the shell behind them during the hit animation.

Flightless Bee Mario glitch

In the Sea Slide Galaxy, Bee Mario must be as close to the palm tree on the tower island as possible without standing on the white border. If done correctly, by flying upward and landing, the flying meter does not refill until the player moves away.

Fly to the Planet of Trials glitch

Flying Luigi on the Planet of Trials

On the Comet Observatory, the player can use the Red Star to go to the Planet of Trials using this glitch. The player must be Luigi and break open the crystal with the Red Star in the Garage, but must not use it and go to the Planet of Trials. Luigi must go to one of the three ends and run, then use a homing ground pound on the green Luma that takes the player to the Grand Finale Galaxy. Luigi will fall out of the planet's gravity field and toward the Observatory. The player must use the spin to navigate Luigi to the Red Star without touching ground as he falls. After landing, the player must then fall off the Comet Observatory, and Luigi will be lifted back to the Planet of Trials. The game will not allow Luigi to fly on this planet, but the music will still play for the power-up and Luigi will have the appearance of his powered-up form.

There is also an alternate method to put Flying Luigi on the planet. The player must do the same thing as above, but after using the homing ground pound on the Luma, the player can touch the ground and collect the star. They must then fly back up to the planet; however, they cannot fly directly to the planet, like before, and fall, though, after flying beneath the observatory, Luigi will float back to the Planet of Trials. Once again, Luigi cannot fly on this planet.[21]

It is possible to die in the Comet Observatory by doing this glitch.[22]

Honeycomb launching glitch

When stuck to a honeycomb as Bee Mario, by facing straight up, jumping, and immediately spinning while still holding the A Button button, Mario will start to rise upwards at a fast speed. Bee Mario can still be slightly controlled with light taps on the A Button button.

Invincibility Shell glitch

To perform this glitch, the player must pick up a Koopa Shell and then go to an area with another Koopa Troopa. If Mario touches it while holding the shell, he will not take damage. This can be done in Sea Slide Galaxy or during the bossfight in Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada.[7]

Invisible Goomba glitch

At the beginning of the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, the player must ignore the Star Ball and spin a Goomba on the zigzag and knock it off the platform. Then, they must walk back to the ball, get on it, then go on the zigzag platform. The "dizzy Goomba" sound will still play, even though the Goomba is not there.

Lily pad raising glitch

When standing on the lily pads in Honeyhive Galaxy and Gold Leaf Galaxy, they can be raised slightly into the air if the player either crouches near its edge and spins, or performs a ground pound on it. By repeating this process the lily pad will continue rising, though doing this for long periods causes its collision to glitch out and results in Mario or Luigi falling through. If left alone, the lily pad will gradually sink back down to its original height.[23]

Midair death glitch

In both games, if the player is in a galaxy that is under a Speedy Comet or timed Purple Comet, and they jump with the right timing while the timer is at 00:01, Mario will stand in midair while doing his death animation.[7]

Non-lethal Goomba glitch

By standing as close to the edge of a platform with Goombas on it as possible, if a Goomba charges at the player, it does not injure Mario.[24]

Pacifist Goomba glitch

In the A Snack of Cosmic Proportions mission in the Good Egg Galaxy, the player must go to the capsule planet, open the hole, and joggle a Goomba inside. Then, they must jump in the hole and stand at the same spot as the Goomba, but not get hit. Going in the First-person-mode and looking it right in the face is possible. If the player goes away the Goomba can hit Mario again.

Sling Pod retention glitch

In Space Junk Galaxy there is a purple Toad stuck in a Sling Pod. Attempting to pull and fling A Button the Toad away will typically freeze the environment until the process is complete, though the game will wait until Mario is out of a damaged animation to begin the process. While at one health wedge however, Mario or Luigi can jump into a nearby Spoing to take damage and grab the Sling Pod with the Baseline sprite of the Star Pointer in Super Mario Galaxy. Star Pointer upon landing. The death or Game Over sequence will take priority at this point, but the string that attaches between the Sling Pod and Star Pointer remains. Releasing A Button will not remove this string, and a noise still sounds from moving the cursor offscreen. Once the level or title screen loads, the glitch will end.

Swim in Loopdeeswoop Galaxy glitch

Swimming in Loopdeeswoop Galaxy glitch
The glitch

Players must go to Loopdeeswoop Galaxy and be next to the Coach. Then players must do a Backflip, spin and then ground pound to home onto the Coach and bounce off of them towards the giant Shine Sprite-shaped hoop. If done correctly, Mario or Luigi will land on one of the spheres, and from there they can long jump and spin towards the main race track of the area, which they can swim in.[7][25]

Unactivated Airship glitch

A secret airship in Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada
The secret Airship

The player must go to Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada, to the second cannon. The back of a ship can be seen to the right. They must aim at the top of the mast and shoot Mario (or Luigi). This ship is nothing except an invisible wall on one side. Near the prow is an asteroid with a Sprangler and under the ship is a 1-Up Mushroom. The only way to escape is to exit the level.

Unactivated Bowser glitch

Both versions of this glitch require the player to be Luigi.

To perform this glitch in Bowser's Star Reactor, the player must long jump off of the final Thwomp as it rises up to gain more height. They then must spin and wall jump off of the topmost stair to reach the top without activating the cutscene. Bowser will not be present.

To perform this glitch in Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, the player must long jump as soon as they reach the first wide platform of the staircase. Then, they must spin backwards, wall jump off the end of the wide platform, and spin while holding the A Button button to get as far as possible. If done correctly, the cutscene will not trigger and the player can walk all the way up to where Bowser is standing. Both Bowser and the airship will be intangible.[7]

Unactivated Megaleg glitch

Luigi falling onto Megaleg's moon (notice Megaleg's crooked feet)

When the player lands on the first planet, they must find the glass cage containing the Launch Star and Triple Jump off of it. The second jump must land on top of the glass cage. Then the player should triple jump off the glass cage and spin at the highest point of the jump. If successful, the player will fall to Megaleg's moon, but it will not be activated, so the player can run all over Megaleg but the Bullet Bills will not be fired and the cogwheels will not move. However, if the player goes to the point they would have landed if they had used the Launch Star, the cutscene will play and Megaleg will be activated.[7]

Unarmed cannons glitch

In the Dreadnought Galaxy's mission Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons, the player must first lose a life on the moving platforms section. Then, by jumping on the first moving platform as far to the right as possible, the platform moves, but the cannons do not fire.[7][26]

Underwater Bee Mario glitch

Bee Mario underwater glitch

For this glitch, the player must select The Silver Stars of Sea Slide mission in Sea Slide Galaxy. From the starting island, the player must toss the shell at the crystal with the Bee Mushroom, and must turn the camera away right before the Mushroom lands the second time. The player must then dive into the water and swim back onto the island, still facing away from the island. By turning back toward the island, the Bee Mushroom should be underwater. If the player gets the mushroom like this, Mario/Luigi will be transformed into Bee Mario/Luigi, but they will be underwater and be able to swim around.

While underwater, the "Air" meter is replaced with the "Fly" meter, but it does not deplete at all. Despite this, the player still uses air. Additionally, Bee Mario still cannot collect shells underwater, like on land. To get out of the water, the player must shake the Wii Remote and fly while in the air; jumping back into the water causes the player to lose the Bee Suit, like normal. While outside of the water, the "Fly" meter is gone, but Bee Mario can still only fly as long as the meter would allow.[7][27]

Walking spring glitch

Luigi standing while in spring form
Luigi standing despite wearing a spring.

When Wall Jumping and bouncing off of an NPC or enemy with the Spring Mushroom, sometimes the game will incorrectly put the player in the wall-sliding state. This does not retain spring physics, allowing the player to walk, crouch, sideflip, enter first person camera, etc. The game still prevents the player from spinning or falling asleep, and Ground Pounds and wall jumps retain their spring animations.[28]

There are other situations that remove the spring physics, such as climbing a ledge or landing on ground at the peak of a bounce. However, these methods are only temporary. Entering a pipe or losing the Spring Mushroom power-up will cancel the glitch.


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