The Secret Undersea Cavern

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The Secret Undersea Cavern
Beach Bowl Secret Undersea Cavern.png
Location Beach Bowl Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Secret Undersea Cavern is the third mission of the Beach Bowl Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to make it to the Cyclone Stone. In a pre-release version of the game, this mission was known as Keepers of the Sky Gauntlet.[1]


To reach the Cyclone Stone, the player has to destroy a large wall underwater with a Green Shell, either by throwing the shell at the wall or by ramming into it (the latter will hurt Mario). Breaking open the wall will reveal a cave with a number of crates and some bats; Ground Pounding the stump at the end will create a Launch Star that will take Mario to the Cyclone Stone.

The Cyclone Stone is a large, spiraling planet made out of stones, which are ever stationary or moving platforms. Many Thwomps and Tox Boxes move around the Cyclone Stone as well. The player has to avoid getting Mario squashed or sucked into the black hole underneath while navigating the Cyclone Stone. At the end of the Cyclone Stone is the Power Star trapped in a large crystal.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 渦巻うずま洞窟どうくつのナゾ
Uzumaki dōkutsu no nazo
Riddle of the Whirlpool Cave
Chinese 旋涡洞窟的秘密
Xuánwō dòngkū de mìmì
Secret of the Spiral Cavern
French (NOA) Le Mystère de la Grotte Secrète Sous-Marine The Mystery of the Secret Underwater Grotto
French (NOE) Le mystère de la grotte aux tourbillons The Mystery of the Whirlpool Grotto
German Das Rätsel der Strudelhöhle The Mystery of the Swirl-Cavern
Italian Il Mistero della Grotta dei Vortici Vortices' Cave Mystery
Korean 소용돌이 동굴 속의 비밀
Soyongdori dongul sok ui bimil
Secret of the Spiral Cavern
Spanish (NOA) El Secreto de la Cueva Submarina The Secret of the Underwater Cave
Spanish (NOE) Secreto en la Cueva Remolino Secret in the Swirl Cave


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