The Flipswitch Chain

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The Flipswitch Chain
Chain Planets.png
Location Toy Time Galaxy
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Flipswitch Chain is the hidden sixth mission of the Toy Time Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This mission is accessed through the Mario Meets Mario mission.


The player should begin "Mario Meets Mario" as normal until they reach the screw planet with the Star Chips. Instead of collecting the Star Chips, the player should gather at least 50 Star Bits and talk to the Hungry Luma. After feeding it the Star Bits, the Hungry Luma will transform into a new chain of planets with many Flipswitch Panels, Tox Boxes and moving, spiked platforms. After flipping all fifteen switches to the green "on" position, the Power Star will appear on an orange cube under the planets.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 連鎖惑星れんさわくせいのフリップパネル
Rensa wakusei no Furippu Paneru
Flip Panels on Chain Planet
Chinese 连锁行星的翻转板
Liánsuǒ xíngxīng de fānzhuǎn bǎn
Flip Boards on Chain Planets
French (NOA) Les Dalles Réversibles sur la Planète Enchaînées Reversible Slabs of the Chained Planet
French (NOE) Les dalles réversibles des planètes enchaînées Reversible slabs on the chained planets
German Umdrehböhden des Kettenplaneten Revolving Shelves of the Chain Planets
Italian Catena di Pannelli Alternati Chain of alternating panels
Korean 줄줄이 행성의 플립패널
Juljuri haengseong-ui peullippaeneol
Flip Panels on Chain Planet
Spanish (NOA) Los Paneles Alternos Conectados Alternating Panels Connected
Spanish (NOE) Paneles peligrosos conectados Connected hazardous panels