Through the Meteor Storm

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Through the Meteor Storm
SMG Melty Molten Lava Ball Rolling Area.png
Location Melty Molten Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Through the Meteor Storm is the second mission of the Melty Molten Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.


The player starts back at the starting area at the base of the volcano, however, this time there are many meteors falling from the sky. Making their way around the volcano, the player has to lure a Li'l Cinder into two torches to light them up, which will cause a Launch Star to appear. The Launch Star will send Mario to an octagonal planet with three large Thwomps and meteors falling between the gaps of the planet. The Launch Star at the end will send Mario to a cooled lava area where the player has to collect five Star Chips while avoiding falling meteors and lava enemies. Collecting them all will send Mario to a U-shaped planet where the player has to lure a Bullet Bill from the opposite side of the planet back to the starting area to destroy a cage with a Launch Star. The next has a Star Ball the player needs to roll over lava platforms and through meteors. Near the end are large wheels of lava that turn, which affect how the ball will roll. Getting the Star Ball to the hole and the end will reward the player with the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 回避不能!メテオレイン
Kaihi funou! Meteo rein
Unavoidable! Meteor rain
Spanish (NOA) La Lluvia de Meteoros The Rain of Meteors
Spanish (NOE) Lluvia de meteoros Meteors rain
French (NOE) L'inévitable pluie de météorites The undodgeable rain of meteorites
German Durch den Meteoritenregen Through the Meteorite Rain
Italian Fuga Impossibile! Piovono Meteoriti! Escape is Impossible! Meteorites Rain!
Korean 피할 수 없어! 메테오 레인
Pihal su eobseo! Meteo rein
Unavoidable! Meteor Rain
Chinese 无处藏匿!陨石暴雨
Wúchù cángnì! Yǔnshí bàoyǔ
Nowhere to Hide! Meteor Rain