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This article is about the rooms from Super Mario Galaxy. For the world from Super Mario World, see Vanilla Dome. For the place in the Super Mario World television series, see Dome City. For the roof of Saint Joseph's Oratory in Mario is Missing!, see Dome (item).
Mario outside the Terrace, one of the six domes.
“These round rooms are called domes. We observe galaxies from domes such as these.”
Rosalina, Super Mario Galaxy

The domes are rooms in Super Mario Galaxy located on the Comet Observatory. They are the equivalent of worlds in Mario sidescrollers. Here, Mario can transport himself to other galaxies. After Mario collects Power Stars, more galaxies appear. Using a blue Luma which turns into a Pull Star, Mario can view galaxies and then, using a Launch Star, he can fly to them. The majority of the domes have five galaxies except the final one, the Garden, which has only four.


Dome Image Map Galaxies Boss Hungry Luma
Terrace SMG Terrace Dome Model.png SMG Terrace Overview.png Megaleg Sweet Sweet Galaxy
Fountain SMG Fountain Dome Model.png SMG Fountain Overview.png Bowser Sling Pod Galaxy
Kitchen SMG Kitchen Dome Model.png SMG Kitchen Overview.png Bowser Jr. Drip Drop Galaxy
Bedroom SMG Bedroom Dome Model.png SMG Bedroom Overview.png Bowser Bigmouth Galaxy
Engine Room SMG Engine Room Dome Model.png SMG Engine Room Overview.png King Kaliente Sand Spiral Galaxy
Garden SMG Garden Dome Model.png SMG Garden Overview.png None Snow Cap Galaxy

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Bóveda Celeste Celestial Dome
French Dôme Dome
German Kuppel Dome
Italian Planetario Planetary


  • Whenever a Bowser or Bowser Jr. level is shown in one of the domes, the revolving galaxy icon representing it will always be rotating around counterclockwise like the other galaxies, though at a noticeable angle, perhaps indicating that it is not supposed to be there, or was not there prior to the events of Super Mario Galaxy.
  • The background music in the domes changes once the player unlocks and selects a Bowser or Bowser Jr. galaxy for the first time. It will stay that way until the player completes the level.