Scaling the Sticky Wall

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Scaling the Sticky Wall
Honeyclimb Galaxy
Location Honeyclimb Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Scaling the Sticky Wall is the only mission of the Honeyclimb Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to climb the large walls.


The player starts on a small platform with a Bee Mushroom power-up. As Bee Mario or Bee Luigi, the player has to climb up the honeycombs on the wall, flying between them when necessary. The first ? Coin will cause additional moving honeycombs to appear when collected, and at the end of the first wall is a Launch Star that will send the player to the next one.

The second wall has many meteors falling and the player has to navigate between them will climbing. The third wall has many Mandibugs that move along the wall and charge at the player, knocking the player off the wall if the Mandibugs connect, along with moving honeycombs. Near the top are large Mandibugs that rotate along the wall before the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese てんまでのぼれ! ハチマリオ / ルイージ!
Ten made nobore! Hachi Mario / Luigi!
Ascend to the Heavens! Bee Mario / Luigi!

Chinese 飞上天空!蜜蜂马力欧!
Fēi shàng tiānkōng! Mìfēng Mǎlìōu!
Fly Up to the Sky! Bee Mario!

French (NOA) L'Escalade du Mur Collant
The Climb of the Sticky Wall
French (NOE) Toujours plus haut, Mario/Luigi abeille!
Even higher, Bee Mario/Luigi!
German Kraxel zum Himmel, Bienen-Mario/Luigi!
Scramble the wall, Bee Mario/Luigi!
Italian Sali in Cima, Mario/Luigi Ape!
Climb to the Top, Bee Mario/Luigi!
Korean 하늘로 올라라! 꿀벌마리오!
Haneullo ollara! Kkulbeolmario!
Rise to the Sky! Bee Mario!

Spanish ¡Mario/Luigi Abeja, al infinito!
Bee Mario/Luigi, to infinity!