Loopdeeloop Galaxy

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Loopdeeloop Galaxy
Loopdeeloop Galaxy.png
Area Terrace
How to unlock 5 Power Stars
Mission(s) Surfing 101
Music track(s) Beach Bowl Galaxy
Aquatic Race
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.
Galaxy icon The Loopdeeloop planet
Not to be confused with Loopdeeswoop Galaxy.
“Hey! This is penguin paradise!”
Penguin, Super Mario Galaxy

The Loopdeeloop Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, and is located within the Terrace. It is a ? Block before it is unlocked and can only be unlocked after five Power Stars are collected. This galaxy is a long flow of water across the sky where Mario (or Luigi) ray surfs. It is inhabited by Penguins, most of whom cheer Mario on from the sidelines. This galaxy does not include any enemies. There are 50 coins in this galaxy. Although this galaxy's name comes from the term "loop-de-loop", there are no loops in this course. There is a loop, however, in the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy.


NOTE: Unless otherwise marked, all names are unofficial.

Starting planet[edit]

The Starting planet.

The Starting planet consists of a small grassy platform with a few penguins on it followed by a short expanse of water surrounded by colorful rings. This is the first planet Mario lands on when he travels to this galaxy, and also where Coach teaches him how to control the Manta Ray while ray surfing. At the end of the planet, there is a tunnel that takes Mario to the Loopdeeloop planet.

Loopdeeloop planet[edit]

Overview of the Loopdeeloop Galaxy
An aerial overview of Loopdeeloop planet.

The Loopdeeloop planet is a large planet made almost entirely of water with several coins floating in it and a few gates. It is the second planet visited by Mario in the mission "Surfing 101", which is the only level in the galaxy.

Once Mario completes his training on the Starting planet, he must go to the actual arena where there is a possibility that he fall off the sides. Mario must then race down the planet on top of Ray avoiding fish and getting the coins and Star Bits. There are also numerous 1-Up Mushrooms and gates along the way. After passing the finish line, Mario is automatically transported to the Prize Planet to claim victory. The goal resembles a Shine Sprite from Super Mario Sunshine.

Prize planet[edit]

Mario wins a race in Loopdeeloop Galaxy.
Mario on the Prize planet

The Prize planet is a large stone planet off to the side of the Loopdeloop Planet. It is accessed automatically as soon as Mario crosses the finish line on the Loopdeloop Planet and is the last planet in the galaxy. On one side of the planet there is a podium with three different levels labeled 1, 2, and 3. Under the number 1 on the tallest step, a carving of a Manta Ray (possibly Ray himself) shows that whoever stands on this position won the race.

Off to the other side of the planet, Coach is standing there and he congratulates Mario on achieving victory and then releases a Power Star which goes and settles on top of the center of the podium.

Terrace planets[edit]

The Terrace planets are three connected, small stone platforms floating close to the Loopdeeloop planet. They have four Penguins standing on them who are cheering Mario on from the sidelines. They look exactly like the Prize planet.


This galaxy consists of only the following mission.

Level Image Summary
Surfing 101 The start of the Loopdeeloop Galaxy This mission involves ray surfing around a racecourse.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トライアルサーフィンギャラクシー
Toraiaru Sāfin Gyarakushī
Trial Surfing Galaxy
Chinese 急流冲浪银河
Jíliú chōnglàng yínhé
Torrent Surfing Galaxy
French (NOA) Défi de Surf Surf Challenge
French (NOE) Défi du surf Surf Challenge
German Test-Surfen Test Surfing
Italian Galassia Surfing-Mania Surfing-Mania Galaxy
Korean 트라이얼 서핑 갤럭시
Teuraieol Seoping Gaelleoksi
Trial Surfing Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia del Surf (Entrenamiento) Surf Galaxy (Training)
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Surfing (entr.) Surfing Galaxy (training)