Underwater Cosmic Mario Race

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Underwater Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race
Cosmic Mario holding a strangely colored shell.
Location Sea Slide Galaxy
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Underwater Cosmic Mario Race (known as Underwater Cosmic Luigi Race when playing as Luigi) is the fourth mission of the Sea Slide Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Until its completion, this mission can only be played while a Cosmic Comet is in orbit.


Taking a few steps forward from where the player starts will cause Cosmic Mario/Cosmic Luigi to appear, challenging the player to a race. The clone will jump into the water and grab a Red Shell, so the player needs to do the same in order to keep up with him. Cosmic Mario will also go through two of the three rings and cut across a small island, though Cosmic Luigi will go through all three. When the racers reach the step to the tower, they need to go up and around to the back of the tower to find the Power Star. If the clone reaches the Power Star first, the player will have to start the race over.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せ シャドウ! ループオーシャンへん
Oikose shadō! Rūpu Ōshan hen
Overtake the Shadow! Loop Ocean Arc

Chinese 影子竞速!环形海洋篇
Yǐngzi jìngsù! Huánxíng hǎiyáng piān
Shadow Racing! Phase Loop Ocean

French (NOA) Devance Votre Double à la Boucle Océanique!
Overtake your Clone in the Ocean Ring!
French (NOE) Devance ton double dans la boucle océane!
Overtake your Clone in the Ocean Ring!
German Überhol den Schatten!
Overtake the Shadow!
Italian Corsa Fantasma! Circuito Oceanico!
Ghost Race! Ocean Circuit!
Korean 추월하라 그림자! 루프 오션편
Chuwolhara geurimja! Lupeu osyeonpyeon
Outrun the Shadow! Phase Loop Ocean

Spanish (NOA) ¡Fantasma! El Bucle Acuático
Ghost! The Water Loop
Spanish (NOE) ¡Corre, corre! Bucle Acuático
Run, run! Water Loop