A Snack of Cosmic Proportions

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A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
Egg planet from Good Egg Galaxy
Location Good Egg Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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“I've got a hungry friend up ahead... You don't mind sharing your snacks, do you?”
Blue Luma, Super Mario Galaxy

A Snack of Cosmic Proportions is the second mission of Good Egg Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Mario (or Luigi) should collect 100 Star Bits to feed a Hungry Luma to access a new planet.


Feeding a Hungry Luma
Mario needs to feed this Luma to proceed.
The created tower planet.

Mario lands on the Starting planet and finds two Electrogoombas. The bottom of the planet contains Goombas, Slurples, multiple crystals containing Star Bits, and a single ? Block filled with Star Bits. Meanwhile, a constant comet stream releases Star Bits. Mario should find a twisted pathway to reach a Luma that transforms itself to a series of Pull Stars. Using these Pull Stars, Mario should use the Launch Star, which will take him to the Pear planet, which is part of a network containing additionally the Egg planet and the Rock planet. On the Pear planet, he can find Goombas, prickly plants, and crystals with Star Bits. One Launch Star takes him to the Rock planet while the other Launch Star takes him to the Egg planet. If Mario has fewer than 100 Star Bits when launching himself, ten Star Bits will appear. Once on the rock planet, Mario has to avoid Boulders and find crystals containing Star Bits. A single Sling Star allows Mario to grab three more Star Bits and a single coin. Mario can use a Launch Star that leads to the Egg planet or another Launch Star that returns him to the Pear planet. On the egg planet, a Hungry Luma asks the player to feed it 100 Star Bits. The Egg planet has a couple of Goombas and more crystals with Star Bits. The Launch Star here takes him to the pear planet while another Launch Star that takes him to the rock planet.

A section of the Pill planet. Note that the sections have different-colored backgrounds with arrows that determine the gravity.

Once the Hungry Luma has eaten 100 Star Bits, it transforms into the Tower planet, leaving a pink Launch Star behind, which allows access to the newborn planet. Mario has to climb the Tower planet, which has prickly plants and Goombas. He can also break the crates on this planet by spinning them. After reaching the top of the Tower planet, he can use a Launch Star to visit the Pill planet. For the rest of the mission, the Space Fantasy music plays. The Pill planet's exterior has some Electrogoombas and many crystals with Star Bits. An empty crystal blocks an opening on the planet, but Mario can destroy it to enter. The interior is a circular 2D-side scrolling area with varying gravity. The background color of the gravity field indicates the gravity's direction: blue indicates downward gravity and red indicates upward gravity. At the top of the planet's interior, Mario finds three Goombas and a Launch Star that takes him to the final planet, the star planet. On the star planet, Mario can collect five blue Star Chips to make five Pull Stars appear. Using these Pull Stars, Mario can finally grab the Power Star, ending the mission. Alternatively, Mario can Long Jump or backflip to the star without needing to collect the Star Chips.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いしんぼうねがいをこめて
Kuishinbō ni negai o komete
Make a Wish on a Glutton
Chinese 向贪吃鬼许愿
Xiàng tānchīguǐ xǔyuàn
Make a Wish to the Glutton
French (NOA) Une Collation Cosmique A Cosmic Snack
French (NOE) Un appétit cosmique A Cosmic Appetite
German Erfülle den Wunsch des Vielfraß' Grant the Gannet's Wish
Italian Snack di Dimensioni Cosmiche Snack of Cosmic Dimensions
Korean 먹보에게 소원을 빌어
Meokbo'ege Sowon'eul Bir'eo
Grant the Glutton's Wish
Spanish (NOA) Mil Deseos Para el Glotón A Thousand Wishes for the Glutton
Spanish (NOE) Deseos mil para el glotoncete A Thousand Wishes for the glutton


  • There is a Star Bit meteorite that spawns only when the game is being played in standard (4:3) ratio, and as a result does not spawn in Super Mario 3D All-Stars.[1]