King Kaliente's Spicy Return

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King Kaliente's Spicy Return
Location Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) King Kaliente
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King Kaliente's Spicy Return is the only mission of Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to defeat King Kaliente.

This mission's Grand Star is the only one across both Super Mario Galaxy games that is optional, as the 60 Power Stars needed to unlock Bowser's Galaxy Reactor can be obtained without access to the Garden, and the option to travel to Bowser's Galaxy Reactor is available once the player has completed Darkness on the Horizon.


The player starts off next to a cage containing the Launch Star, and the player needs to lead a Bullet Bill to the cage in order to destroy it. By crossing to the other side of the planet, the player can find a Bill Blaster, and Long Jumping across the platforms to the Launch Star will lead the Bullet Bill to the cage. The Launch Star will send the player to a row of mesh platforms that will start sinking once Mario steps onto one, along with several Lava Bubbles and fireballs coming out of the lava. At the end of the platforms are two Roctos the player has to defeat by sending back the coconuts they fire, revealing the Launch Star once they are defeated. The Launch Star will send the player to a ring of sinking mesh platforms, where Bowser Jr. summons King Kaliente.

Like with the first fight in the Good Egg Galaxy, King Kaliente will fire either three fireballs or a coconut. Spinning at the coconuts will cause it to be sent back to King Kaliente, and King Kaliente will send it back. The player has to continue the coconut volley until King Kaliente misses and takes a hit. After hitting him once, King Kaliente will send out several Lava Bubbles to aid him in the fight, and hitting him a second time will cause Meteors to start raining down. Damaging King Kaliente a third time will defeat him, rewarding the player with the Grand Star. Additionally, the platforms will stop sinking once King Kaliente is defeated.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 溶岩惑星ようがんわくせいの オタキング
Yōgan wakusei no Ota Kingu
King Kaliente on the Lava Planet

Chinese 熔岩行星的八爪王
Róngyán xíngxīng de bāzhǎo wáng
King Kaliente of the Lava Planet

French (NOA) Poulpoboss sur la Planète de Lave
King Kaliente on the Lava Planet
French (NOE) Poulpoboss sur la planète de lave
King Kaliente on the lava planet
German Otakönig auf dem Lavaplaneten
King Kaliente on the Lava Planet
Italian Re Kaliente e il Pianeta Rovente
King Kaliente and the hot planet
Korean 용암 행성의 옥토킹
Yong-am haengseong-ui oktoking
King Kaliente in the Lava Planet

Spanish (NOA) El Regreso del Magmapulpo
The Return of King Kaliente
Spanish (NOE) El Frikipulpo del planeta de magma
King Kaliente of the magma planet