Bubble Breeze Galaxy

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Not to be confused with Bubble Blast Galaxy.
Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Bubble Breeze Galaxy.png
Area Kitchen
How to unlock 19 Power Stars
Mission(s) Through the Poison Swamp
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.
Galaxy icon A small, circular portion of the swamp

The Bubble Breeze Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This galaxy is a large swamp with a few islands, a few large fans, and Toad Brigade who have crash landed there. The Space Fantasy music plays throughout the galaxy. This galaxy is heavily centered around floating in bubbles. There is a total of 145 coins, more than in other galaxies, which is almost enough to earn 3 extra lives.

The Prima game guide often erroneously refers to this galaxy as the "Bubble Blast Galaxy".


Poison Swamp[edit]

The first area of the Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Aerial view of the first area
The second area of the Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Aerial view of the second area
The first area of Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Mario floating through the Poison Swamp.

The focus of this galaxy is a giant swamp with small landmasses, Star Bits, coins, bubbles, and a Power Star at the end of it. The swamp is filled with poison that will instantly kill Mario if he enters it. Because of this, Mario must traverse the swamp in a giant bubble. The Toad Brigade is found at the beginning along with the crashed Starshroom. There are not any enemies except Space Mines floating here and there, providing the risk of popping the bubble above poison.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]


This galaxy consists of only the following mission.

Mission Image Summary

Through the Poison Swamp The second area of Bubble Breeze Galaxy This mission's objective is to use a bubble to navigate a poisonous swamp.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トライアルバブルギャラクシー
Toraiaru Baburu Gyarakushī
Trial Bubble Galaxy

Chinese 气泡冒险银河
Qìpào màoxiǎn yínhé
Bubble Adventure Galaxy

French (NOA) Défi de la Bulle
Bubble Challenge
French (NOE) Défi de la bulle
Bubble Challenge
German Test-Blase
Trial Bubble
Italian Galassia Bolla-Mania
Bubble-Mania Galaxy
Korean 트라이얼 버블 갤럭시
Teuraieol beobeul gaelleoksi
Trial Bubble Galaxy

Spanish Galaxia Burbujas (entr.)
Bubble Galaxy (training)