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Comet Tico
SMG Comet Tico.png
Artwork of Comet Tico
Species Hungry Luma
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
“Hey! Ho! If you need to know anything about Prankster Comets, I'm your Luma!”
Comet Tico, Super Mario Galaxy

Comet Tico is a unique Luma found in Super Mario Galaxy. Its appearance is that of a purple Hungry Luma and a Lumalee that holds up two sticks with stars on the ends in each hand, similar to a Hungry Luma's sticks, which have color-changing Star Bits on the ends. It is located just outside the Terrace on the Comet Observatory, and it appears only after Mario has collected a total of thirteen Power Stars, which causes various types of Prankster Comets to begin appearing. When Mario talks to Comet Tico, it gives him two options to choose from: "Tell me more!" and "Move it!"

The Comet Tico onboard the Comet Observatory

If the player chooses "Tell me more!" Comet Tico gives Mario information about the different types of Prankster Comets, which mainly entails the various effects that each type of Prankster Comet has on a galaxy's normal operation. Originally, Comet Tico gives Mario information only about Speedy Comets, Daredevil Comets, Cosmic Comets, and Fast Foe Comets, but once Mario has defeated Bowser at the center of the universe, Comet Tico also tells Mario about the fifth type of comet, the Purple Comet. Asking Comet Tico for information about the Prankster Comets does not require the player to relinquish any Star Bits.

The player should choose "Move it!" when they want the current position of the Prankster Comets orbiting a particular galaxy or galaxies to be moved. Each time the player asks Comet Tico to shuffle around the positions of the Prankster Comets, Mario must pay it 20 Star Bits, after which it flashes white like a transforming Hungry Luma. A second later, the map of the Comet Observatory is displayed, indicating the new positions of the Prankster Comets. If Mario has completed only a few Prankster Comet missions when he asks Comet Tico to move the comets, it usually moves different Prankster Comets to new galaxies and takes away the existing Prankster Comets from the old galaxies. When Mario has completed many of the Prankster Comet missions, Comet Tico occasionally does away with all of the existing Prankster Comets, leaving none available. When Mario uses this same option a second time, or completes a mission in any various galaxy, the Prankster Comets all return to their previous positions. In rare cases, Comet Tico does not do anything, even if there are still Prankster Comets available.

Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Galaxy ObjectData/TicoComet.arc TicoComet Comet Luma

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コメットチコ
Kometto Chiko
Comet Luma

Chinese (simplified) 彗星琪琪[2]
Huìxīng Qíqi
Comet Luma

French Lumacomète[1]
Luma Comet
German Schabernack-Luma
Prank Luma
Italian Sfavillotto Cometa
Comet Luma
Spanish Destello Cohete
Rocket Luma


  1. ^ Polari's dialogue: "Si quelque chose t'échappe à propos des comètes farceuses, va demander à Lumacomète, là-bas" can be translated as "If there is something you don't get about Prankster Comets, go ask Lumacomète, there."
  2. ^ Gameplay video of the official Nvidia Shield Chinese version of Super Mario Galaxy (4:58)