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Star World leader
The Star World leader
Species Star
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 5 (1992)

The unnamed Star World leader is an old mustachioed Star that leads the Stars at the power-up factory in the Star World in Super Mario-kun volume 5.

Bowser 3 takes over the Star World and kidnaps all the Stars, including their leader. Only Sutakichi manages to escape and flees to Dinosaur Land, asking Mario, Luigi and Yoshi to help him to rescue his friends. After reaching the factory, the heroes finds the Stars and the leader tied up and free them. Desperate that the factory was sealed under a giant shell, the leader attempts to commit seppuku with explosives, promptly stopped by Sutakichi and Mario, multiple times throughout the chapter. Bowser 3 appears and sends the Super Mario Bros. 3 enemies on the heroes, who manage to defeat them. The leader gives them a hand by passing Sutakichi an Ice Flower, a power-up in development. Sutachiki uses it on two Fire Snakes that were pestering Mario and the others, freezing not only the enemies but even Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and himself. The leader frees them from the ice with a hammer, while asking for forgiveness for this problem, blaming it on the lack of proper testing on the new power-up. Mario finally manages to defeat Bowser 3, but then crashes on the factory, whose dome disappeared alongside Bowser 3. Seeing the poor state of the factory, the leader is back at attempting to commit seppuku, while Sutakichi tries to stop him.


  • The Star World leader has the same role and appearance of Eldstar.