Co-Star Luma

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Co-Star Luma
SMG2 Co Star Luma Artwork.png
Co-Star Luma as seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2
Species Luma
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (spirit cameo) (2018)
“Ya know, a friend with another Wii Remote can join up with you! Then one of my Co-Star Lumas can help out!”
Lubba, Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Co-Star Luma is an orange Luma that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a playable character and in the game's logo. The Co-Star Luma appears alongside Mario in the cooperative two-player mode known as Co-Star Mode, in which the second player is able to control it using the Wii Remote. Once it appears, it will follow behind Mario in the same manner as one of the mini-clouds that appear when the Cloud Flower is in use. If the Cloud Flower is actually in use, the Co-Star Luma will always follow Mario behind the last mini-cloud that trails Mario's head, as opposed to directly behind him like it normally would.

The Co-Star Luma can perform moves such as spinning, in addition to collecting and shooting Star Bits just like the first player can. The Co-Star Luma can also perform other actions that a single player cannot, such as temporarily immobilizing certain enemies or barriers and picking up far-away objects, including 1-Up Mushrooms, air bubbles (when underwater), and coins, which the Co-Star Luma will then bring back to Mario. The Co-Star Luma can also perform a variety of other actions: this includes activating switches or other objects; touching thorny flowers and causing them to retract their spikes; and spinning most Lumas (excluding Lubba and the Hungry Lumas) or Luigi to receive Star Bits. A larger Co-Star Luma also appears on Starship Mario and tells Mario about Co-Star Mode.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a Co-Star Luma makes a cameo appearance on the Starship Mario spirit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アシストチコ
Ashisuto Chiko
Assist Luma
Spanish (NOA) Destello compañero Partner Luma
French (NOE) Luma allié Luma ally
German Oranger Assistent-Luma Orange Assistent Luma
Italian Sfavillotto Aiutante Helper Luma
Korean 도우미치코
Doumi Chiko
Helper Luma
Chinese 助手奇可 Luma Assistant


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  • The player controlling the Co-Star Luma can make sounds on the second Wii Remote (as well as player one's Wii Remote) by pressing various buttons on the second remote:
        Player 1: +Control Pad up / +Control Pad down / +Control Pad left / +Control Pad right
        Player 2: One Button / Two Button / Plus Button / Minus Button
  • The Co-Star Luma is similar in function to the second player's Star Cursor (which has a slightly lighter shade of orange) in Super Mario Galaxy.
  • If the Co-Star Luma is present when Mario collects a Power Star or a Grand Star, it will appear along with Mario in the "You Got a Star/Grand Star!" victory pose.
  • When the Co-Star Luma is present, orange butterflies will appear in some galaxies. When the Co-Star Luma stops and spins on the butterflies, the butterflies will release 3 Star Bits and will disappear afterwards.