Space Storm Galaxy

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Space Storm Galaxy
Space Storm Galaxy.png
Area World 5
How to unlock Defeat Bowser in Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet
Boss(es) None
Comet(s) Green Comet
Mission(s) Follow Me, Bob-omb
To the Top of Topman's Tower
C'mere, Topman
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Galaxy icon A small section of the Abandoned Rocketship Planet surrounded by several gray stormclouds
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Space Storm Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is located in World 5. The level revolves around mechanical objects and is somewhat based off the Dreadnought Galaxy and the Buoy Base Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. The galaxy has an abandoned rocketship-like object and a tower shaped like a Topman similar to Buoy Base Galaxy. Switches that slow down time first appear here. Bob-ombs, Spiky Topmen, and Topmen are common enemies in the galaxy, and this is also the only galaxy in the game where Topmen appear. Notably, their leader, Topmaniac, is absent. The main obstacle in this galaxy is electricity, with Amps and electric fences all around the area. There is also a new enemy called the Zap Nozzle, which shoots electrical currents that home in on Mario.

There are no Prankster Comets in the galaxy until the player unlocks the Green Stars.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planets[edit]

Mario on one of the Starting Planets.

Those two planets are large, glass spheres with a Pull Stars in each of them. A couple of Zap Balls surround the second planet. Five Pull Stars and a Launch Star are found at the top of the planet. During the second mission, the Pull Stars and Zap Balls are moving fast. A blue switch will be found on the second Pull Star planet to slow them down. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom behind the first one.

Abandoned Rocketship Planet[edit]

SMG2 Space Storm Abandoned Rocket Ship Planet.png
Mario approaching the Abandoned Rocketship Planet.
Mario in Space Storm Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2
Mario on the Abandoned Rocketship Planet.

This cylindrical planet looks like a rocket ship because of the several "wings" it has on the sides. There are a lot of electric fences on the planet, most are stationary, but a few of them encircle the planet. There are orange platforms that move around the planet as well. The gravitational force of the planet is strong, so the player cannot fall from this planet. The Comet Medal is located on here and is dangerously close to an electric fence. Mario should long jump to get it. The Launch Star here will take the player to the Bob-omb Planet.

Bob-omb Planet[edit]

Mario approaching the Bob-omb Planet.
Mario on the Bob-omb Planet in the Space Storm Galaxy.
Top: Mario on the surface of Bob-omb Planet.
Bottom: Mario inside the Bob-omb Planet.

This planet is shaped like a spool of thread. The middle of the planet is glass and the player can see through it. Electric fences are the main hazards on the planet. Inside the planet is a machine that spawns Bob-ombs. The player must lure the Bob-omb to the cage blocking the entrance, blowing it up. A Life Mushroom can be found here. There is a Tip Network in the outer part of the planet. The Launch Star inside the planet will take the player to the Topman Planet. Two Black Holes are found on either side of the planet but they don't seem to serve a purpose.

Topman Planet[edit]

SMG2 Space Storm Approaching the Topman Planet.png
Mario, nearing the Topman Planet.
Mario confronts a Spiky Topman, at the Space Storm Galaxy.
At the Topman Planet.

This is a long, metallic grey planet with several holes surrounded by electric fences. There is a Bob-omb spawner on here which can be used to summon Bob-ombs to destroy the numerous cages. Regular and Spiky Topmen continuously spawn on this planet. The Electric Field Area is located next to this planet. During the C'mere Topman mission, the silver Gearmo will appear and will reward Mario with a Power Star if he lures a Spiky Topman to it.

Electric Field Area[edit]

Mario, in the dangerous Electric Field Area.

This area is located directly after the Topman Planet. It is located high above the Bob-omb Planet. This area is full of Zap Balls and Zap Nozzles. The player must navigate through the planet by the use of Pull Stars. At the end of the planet is an electric fence guarding a Power Star. If Mario is hit by any of the electricity then he will fall.

Topman's Tower[edit]

A blue switch on the planet.
An overview of Topman's Tower
An overview of Topman's Tower
An overview of Topman's Tower

This is a metallic tower that slightly resembles an upside-down top. It is almost identical to the Buoy Base from the Buoy Base Galaxy, featuring a very similar appearance and many of the same obstacles and enemies, some of which now move very rapidly. Enemies here include different types of Topmen, Amps and Thwomps. At the bottom of the planet, different sections of the floor spin very rapidly in opposing directions. Water Shooters are located at the bottom as well and shoot water at a rapid pace. A pool of lava surrounds about a half of the tower. There are also a lot of blue switches here that will slow down the enemies and obstacles so they can proceed to the top with ease. The player will need to kill two Spiky Topmen at the top. This will make a Spring Topman appear which the player can use to get the Power Star.



Level Image Summary
Follow Me, Bob-omb SMG2 Space Storm Follow Me Bobomb.png This mission's objective is to navigate the galaxy.
To the Top of Topman's Tower SMG2 Space Storm To the Top of Topmans Tower.png This mission's objective is to climb the Topman's Tower.
C'mere, Topman SMG2 Space Storm Cmere Topman.png This mission's objective is to lure a Topman to the silver Gearmo.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Luigi near the first Green Star.

The player must replay the Follow Me, Bob-omb mission. The first Green Star is located on the Starting Planets. The player has to use the Pull Stars next to the Launch Star to reach the highest point possible. The player will need to perform a Star Spin to nab the first Green Star.

Planets Visited

Green Star 2[edit]

Luigi near the second Green Star.

The player must replay the To the Top of Topman's Tower mission. This Green Star is found on the Topman's Tower. To get it, the player must make their way to the part of the tower with the Thwomps. From there, they should notice a small green and black path surrounded by red borders. The player must go down this path to find the Green Star. An alternate way to get this star is if the player performs a backward somersault and simply Wall Jumps off the first gate, followed by a spin to land back onto the top of the gate platform.

Planets Visited

Green Star 3[edit]

Luigi near the final Green Star.

The player must replay the To the Top of Topman's Tower mission again. To get this Green Star, the player must make their way to the Topman's Tower. From then, the player will need to hit the lever to open the first gate. After the first gate has been opened, the player will need to enter it and make their way to a set of Water Shooters. From there, they need to make their way to the one on the farthest right side. The player will need to let the Water Shooter trap them inside a bubble. The player will continue to travel inside the bubble and eventually get the final Green Star.

Planets Visited


Audio.svg Space Storm Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Space Storm Galaxy soundtrack (full version). Battle Belt Galaxy from this game also shares this theme.
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Prima Official Game Guide description[edit]

  • "The Space Storm Galaxy is a collection of derelict battle stations and Pull Stars. You spend a lot of time hanging out over nothing but a great void, so keep a steady hand on those Pull Stars!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イナズマの雲海ギャラクシー
Inazuma no Unkai Gyarakushī
Stormy Sky Galaxy

Chinese 閃電雲海銀河
Shǎndiàn Yúnhǎi Yínhé
storming cloud galaxy

French (NOA) Galaxie de la Nébuleuse orageuse
Stormy Nebula Galaxy
French (NOE) Satellite survolté
Over-volted satellite
German Raumwirbel-Galaxie
Space Vortex Galaxy
Italian Galassia Bufera Spaziale
Space Storm Galaxy
Korean 선더 스페이스 갤럭시
Seondeo Seupeiseu Gaelleoksi
Thunder Space Galaxy

Spanish Galaxia Estación Eléctrica
Electric Station Galaxy


  • In the first mission, this galaxy shares the same music as the Battle Belt Galaxy. However, in the second mission, it shares the music of the Buoy Base Galaxy from the first game instead.