Burning Upside Dizzy

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Burning Upside Dizzy
Crate Burning in the Upside Dizzy Galaxy
Location Upside Dizzy Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Burning Upside Dizzy is the hidden second mission of the Upside Dizzy Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission is similar to the The Great Crate Incinerator from the Rightside Down Galaxy earlier in the game.


The player first has to progress to the two moving platforms with the reversed gravity early in the level. Above them is a green Warp Pipe the player can reach by standing on the tops of the platforms, and entering the pipe will take the player to a small room with a pyramid of crates the player has to burn by using a Fire Flower. By burning the top two crates in the center, the player can enter an orange Warp Pipe that will take the player to the Crate Incineration Planet. Here, the player needs to talk to the Gearmo, which will challenge the player to burn all the crates within a time limit of twenty seconds. Completing the task will reward the player with the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もっと燃やせ! お掃除大作戦
Motto Moyase! Osōji Daisakusen
Burn 'em more! Cleaning Mission
Chinese 火焰再現! 一掃而空!
Huǒyàn Zàixiàn! Yìsǎo ér Kōng!
Flame Returns! Clean 'em all!
French Dans le feu de l'action In the Heat of the Moment
German Den Schrott will keiner haben! Nobody wants this Trash!
Italian Casse in fiamme e grandi pulizie Crates on fire and major cleaning
Spanish ¡De nuevo a fuego limpio! At clean fire again!