Sorbetti's Chilly Reception

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Sorbetti's Chilly Reception
Location Freezy Flake Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
Boss(es) Sorbetti
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“Someone said there's a snow monster with a red nose out there! I can't go outside with that thing on the loose!”
Star Bunny, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Sorbetti's Chilly Reception is the second mission of the Freezy Flake Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The mission's objective is to defeat Sorbetti.


The player starts next to a cottage on a disk-shaped planet. Using a Rock Mushroom power-up, the player has to move to the underside of the planet and destroy a Goomba ice sculpture by ramming into it, revealing a Launch Star to the next planet. On the Snow Doll Koopa Planet, the player has to use the Rock Mushroom power-up to break ice sculptures, trees, and crystals to find five Star Chips, one of which is located back at the top of the hill where the player started. Once all five Star Chips are collected, a Launch Star will appear to send the player to the White Out Planet. This planet is covered in an icy fog, limiting the player's vision. Taking a path to the right of the player's starting position, past the Warp Pipe, will lead to a slope ending at a Checkpoint Flag and a Launch Star. The Launch Star will send the player to an inanimate Sorbetti and using a Sling Star to reach its "body" planet will cause Sorbetti to wake up.

Sorbetti will begin rolling around the planet toward the player, though his course will be effected if it hits a snow stalagmite. In order to damage Sorbetti, the player has to spin at its large, red nose, and Sorbetti will begin rolling faster each time it is hit. Damaging Sorbetti three times will cause it to explode and release the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 赤ハナのスノーキー
Akahana no Sunōkī
Sorbetti the Red Nose
Chinese 紅鼻雪奇
Hóngbí Xuěqí
Red-Nosed Sorbetti
French En froid avec Sorbetti On bad terms with Sorbetti
German Die rote Nase des blauen Sorbetti The blue Sorbetti's red nose
Italian Brinello Naso Rosso Sorbetti
Korean 빨간 코의 스노키
Bbalgan ko ui Seunoki
Sorbetti with the Red Nose
Spanish La nariz roja de Sorbetti Sorbetti's red nose