Flipsville Galaxy

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Flipsville Galaxy
Flipsville Galaxy.png 
Area World 4 
How to unlock Get a Power Star from either Supermassive Galaxy or Sweet Mystery Galaxy 
Boss(es) Glamdozer 
Comet(s) Purple Comet
Green Comet 
Level(s) Flip-Flopping in Flipsville
Flipsville's New Digs
Purple Coin Spin Speed Run
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3 
Stars Smg2 icon powerstar.pngSmg2 icon powerstar.pngSmg2 icon prankstercomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.png 
Galaxy Icon The Starting Planet 
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“Is that our captain?! How did he get way up there...?”
Bank Toad, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Flipsville Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 located in World 4. The galaxy is home-themed, with many dollhouse-like planets. The main gimmicks in this galaxy are Flipping platforms known as grates, which Mario (or Luigi) needs to perform a Ground Pound to turn these platforms over and flip the gravity to gain access to different areas. Mario can also use the grates to defeat the Pupdozer enemy. A dinosaur-like boss named Glamdozer resides in the galaxy. The galaxy has some side-scrolling areas, where the Spin Drill is available. The galaxy has a lavender sky with many clouds. A bizarre screen of white arrows surrounding the galaxy shows the current gravity force affecting Mario (similar to a gravity field), which changes as the plumber pounds the grates.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

SMG2 Welcome to Flipsville.png
The Starting Planet.
SMG2 Flipsville Starting Planet.png
The other rooms in the Starting Planet.
SMG2 Flipsville New Digs Starting Planet.png
The Starting Planet during Mission 2.
SMG2 Flipsville Starting Basement.png
The basement in Mission 1 and Mission 2.

This planet is basically one, giant dollhouse-like area. There are many grates that the player can use to go under the stage and vice-versa. Pupdozers are bountiful in this area. Some Octoombas can be found here along with the Comet Medal. The Launch Star is located at the top of the planet. During the second mission, the grates are absent and are replaced with dirt patches. Pupdozers are replaced by Micro Mecha-Bowsers and the Spin Drill appears in various places.

Outer House Planet[edit]

Mario flying to the Outer House Planet.

This planet is another dollhouse-like area. The only enemies here are Chomps and Octoombas. The player can use the grates to their advantage to avoid being hit by a Chomp. The Launch Star at the end will take the player to the Moving Gate Planet.

Moving Gate Planet[edit]

Mario on the Moving Gate Planet.
Mario riding on a gate.

When the player lands on this planet, they will need to flip the gate to get to the underside of the planet. The player will need to wait for the moving gate to come by so the player can hop onto. The player will continue to ride the grates while avoiding spikes and jumping moving platforms to the Gate End Planet.

Gate End Planet[edit]

Mario on the Gate End Planet.

This is a generally small area where the Moving Gate Planet ends. The only enemies here are two Pupdozers and an Octoomba. The Launch Star will take the player to the Starshroom.


The Starshroom.

This planet is visited right before the fight with Glamdozer. Blue Toad can be found here to give Mario a hint as to how to defeat Glamdozer. The Prima Games guide mistakenly colors the Starshroom blue, but in the game, it's actually red.

Glamdozer's Planet[edit]

Mario on Glamdozer's Planet.

This planet is just a flat, circular planet with six grates and Coins if the player needs health. The player fights Glamdozer on this planet.

Dirt Tower Planet[edit]

Mario drilling through the Dirt Tower Planet.
Mario at the bottom of the Dirt Tower Planet.

This area is two circles being transversed by a large dirt tower straight through the middle. The player must use the Spin Drill located behind the tower to get to the top where the Warp Pipe is. The only enemies here are Twirlips.

Underground Gravity Area[edit]

Mario in the Underground Gravity Area.

This area can be accessed by taking the Warp Pipe on the Dirt Tower Planet. This area is separated into nine sections by the dirt. The music will change similar to that of Beat Block Galaxy's. After a certain beat, the gravity of the area will change. The player must use the Spin Drill to collect five Silver Stars in the second mission and 100 Purple Coins in the third mission. The only enemies here are Fuzzies.



Level Image Summary
Flip-Flopping in Flipsville Flip Glamdozer.png This mission's objective is to defeat Glamdozer.
Flipsville's New Digs Flipsville New Digs.png This mission's objective is to navigate a series of planets and obstacles using the Spin Drill to find the Power Star.
Purple Coin Spin Speed Run Purple Coin Spin.png This mission's objective is to collect all of the Purple Coins within a time limit.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Luigi near the first Green Star.

The player will redo the Flip-Flopping in Flipsville mission. This time, when the player gets to the Launch Star on the Inner House Planet, they should look around for an edge of a wall that is glimmering. The player will need to stay close to the edge of the wall and fall down to get the Star.

Planets Visited

Green Star 2[edit]

Luigi about to get the second Green Star.

The player will redo the Flip-Flopping in Flipsville mission. When the player gets to the Outer House Planet, they should avoid the first Chomp and use the gate to get to the second area. When the player reaches the circle with the Life Mushroom, they should notice a raised platform. The player must execute either a backflip followed by Star Spin or a wall jump and Star Spin to get the Green Star on the roof.

Planets Visited

Green Star 3[edit]

Luigi looking at the third Green Star.

The player will redo the Flip-Flopping in Flipsville mission. When the player gets to the Gate End Planet, they should notice the Green Star out of reach in the top right corner. The player must flip the grate to get under the level, causing the gravity to change as shown by the arrows. The player will then need to jump from the bottom right corner to get the star. If the player misses the Star, they will automatically lose a life.

Planets Visited


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オモテウランドギャラクシー
Omoteurando Gyarakushī
Head and Tailand Galaxy, urando is a pun on ura, "rear" and "land".
Spanish Galaxia Cara y Cruz Heads and Tails Galaxy
French (NOA) Galaxie du Monde à l'envers Upside World Galaxy
French (NOE) Monde à l'envers Upside world
German Klappstadt-Galaxie Pun on klappen (German for to fold) and stadt (German for city).
Italian Galassia Sottosopra Upside-down Galaxy
Chinese 正反顛倒銀河
Zhèngfǎn Diāndǎo Yínhé
Upside Down Galaxy