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Gravity fields in four directions in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
“The gravity here is all out of whack! Check out the arrows!”
Luma, Super Mario Galaxy

A gravity field[1][2] is a special area that first appears in Super Mario Galaxy. It controls and indicates the direction of gravity inside.

In 2D sections, the back wall of a gravity field has arrows pointing along the direction of gravity, and is color-coded: blue for down, red for up, green for right, and gray or purple for left. Some Arrow Switches are connected to them; they can also change direction with the music, like Beat Blocks. Gravity fields are the main mechanic of Bowser's Dark Matter Plant in Super Mario Galaxy, and Rightside Down Galaxy and Upside Dizzy Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They usually point in cardinal directions, with an exception in Battle Belt Galaxy.

A type of gravity field navigated in 3D appears in Toy Time Galaxy. It is a hexagon-textured, usually pink surface that pulls gravity toward it. These gravity fields are green on Mecha-Bowser. Occasionally, nearby arrows help indicate the gravity direction of a field.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the background of Flipsville Galaxy has similar arrows to a 2D gravity field. However, Mario or Luigi changes their direction by flipping between sides of a planetoid, by Ground Pounding grates or drilling through dirt patches. Unlike true gravity fields, they do not affect all of the objects they encompass, only indicating the player character's gravity.

Gravity fields return in Super Mario Odyssey, where they appear in some of the 2D sections accessed by 8-Bit Pipes. Inside the Inverted Pyramid, the arrows on the gravity fields are designed after the pyramid itself.

Gravity field areas[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Area Colors
(down / up / right / left)
Good Egg Galaxy
A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
Many sections of the inside of the Pill Planet feature gravity fields.
Blue / Orange
Battlerock Galaxy
Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe
SMG Battlerock Gravity Corridor.png
The inside of the Gravity Planet has many gravity fields, but their direction is inverted, with blue going up and red going down.
Red / Blue
Bowser's Star Reactor
The Fiery Stronghold
SMG Bowser Star Reactor Gravity Area.png
Roughly in the middle of the level is a short section of gravity fields.
Blue / Pink
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Darkness on the Horizon
The gravity is pulling Mario to the dark matter
Almost the entire level consists of many different sections of gravity fields surrounded by dark matter.
Blue / Pink / Green / Gray
Bowser's Galaxy Reactor
The Fate of the Universe
Cosmic Blocks from Bowser's Galaxy Reactor.
A short section of gravity fields appears behind the Cosmic Blocks.
Blue / Pink

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

Area Colors
(down / up / right / left)
Rightside Down Galaxy
Breaking the Laws of Gravity, The Great Crate Incinerator, Green Star 1, Green Star 2
SMG2 Rightside Down Four Way Gravity Fields.png
The entire galaxy is composed of many sections of gravity fields.
Blue / Red / Green / Lavender
Flipsville Galaxy
Flipsville's New Digs, Purple Coin Spin Speed Run
SMG2 Flipsville Underground Gravity Area.png
Inside the Dirt Tower Planet is an area with nine separate sections of gravity fields, which alternate in time with the music.
Blue / Red / Green / White
Upside Dizzy Galaxy
A Walk on the Weird Side, Burning Upside Dizzy, Green Star 1, Green Star 2
Mario near the beginning of the stage in the Upside Dizzy Galaxy
The entire galaxy is composed of many sections of gravity fields.
Blue / Red
Battle Belt Galaxy
Mini-Planet Mega-Run, Mini-Planet Daredevil Run
A screenshot of Mario in an underground area of the Battle Belt Galaxy.
Inside the Undergrunt Planet is a circular gravity field, which alternates in time with the music.
Blue (in) / Red (out)

Super Mario Odyssey[edit]

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