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The Snapshot Mode menu

Snapshot Mode is a special screenshot mode featured in Super Mario Odyssey. At any time during normal gameplay, pressing Down Button on the left Joy-Con will pause the game and activate Snapshot Mode. The player can then move and rotate the camera around, apply filters to what is on screen, and add the Super Mario Odyssey logo to the shot before taking a screenshot of it using the Nintendo Switch's built-in screenshot function. Currently, there are 23 different filters available to use, which are listed below.

Snapshot Mode cannot be used during cutscenes, when speaking with characters, or while viewing Hint Art (although normal screenshots can still be taken in all three situations), and has the same camera restrictions seen in normal gameplay. Snapshot Mode additionally removes the in-game HUD and all dialogue boxes from any nearby NPCs, and adds a white border around the screenshot.

Filter gallery[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スナップショットモード
Sunappushotto Mōdo
Snapshot Mode
Spanish Cámara Camera
French Mode photo Photo mode
Dutch Foto's maken Make photos
German Schnappschuss-Modus Snapshot Mode
Italian Modalità foto Photo mode
Russian Фоторежим
Photo mode