World 5 (Super Mario 3D World)

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World 5
World 5 Map SM3DW.jpg
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Levels 13
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World 5 is the fifth world of Super Mario 3D World. It is a purple, beach-like island. It contains seven standard courses, two Enemy Battles, a Captain Toad course, a Castle, a Sprixie House, a Warp Pipe to World 1, a Warp Pipe to Coin Express, and a warp pipe to World 3-B. After defeating the boss, King Ka-thunk, the purple Sprixie Princess will create a Clear Pipe to World 6.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
World 5-1 Sunshine Seaside WiiU SM3DW 10.15.13 Scrn11.png A beach level with Koopa Troopas, where five Key Coins are required to proceed to a water section with Plessie.
World 5-2 Tricky Trapeze Theater SM3DW World 5-2.png A circus level with trapezes and a Mega Mushroom section.
World 5-3 Backstreet Bustle SM3DW Backstreet Bustle.png A very short underground course with blue Lava, Double Cherries, and 100 seconds on the timer. Requires 80 green stars to access. It contains a Toad switch.
World 5-A Chargin' Chuck Blockade Is Back SM3DW Chargin Chucks Back.png An Enemy Battle similar to Chargin' Chuck Blockade, but with five enemies instead of two.
World 5-4 Sprawling Savanna WiiU SM3DW 10.01.13 Scrn09.png A large savanna-themed mountain with Rabbits and Ant Troopers.
World 5-5 Bob-ombs Below WiiU SM3DW 10.15.13 Scrn16.png An underground course with Bob-ombs and many POW Blocks.
World 5-6 Cakewalk Flip WiiU SuperMario scrn09 E3.png A desert-themed course with Red-Blue Panels and the occasional Double Cherry.
World 5-7 Searchlight Sneak Super Mario 3D World - World 5-7.jpg A castle with Lava, Hop-Chops and lots of Cat Bullet Bills.
World 5-B Fire Bros. Hideout #2 SM3DW FIre Bros. 2.png The second Fire Bros. Hideout in the game, featuring one of them above a Goomba Tower and two stone platforms.
World 5-TrainIcon.pngTrain Coin Express SM3DW The Golden Express.jpg A Gold Train with an enormous amount of coins, perhaps inspired by New Super Mario Bros. 2. Accessible by a secret pipe south of King Ka-thunk's Castle. Visible from the northeast corner of World 5. Cannot be played again until 25 more levels are cleared.
World 5-CastleCastleIcon SM3DW.png King Ka-thunk's Castle SM3DW King Ka'Thunk's Castle.png A temple-styled Castle course with Ka-thunks. The boss is King Ka-thunk.
World 5-CaptainToadIcon.pngCaptain Toad Captain Toad Plays Peek-a-Boo SM3DW W5-Toad.png The Captain Toad course of World 5. It features Peepas and a Big Boo.
World 5-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House Sprixie House SM3DW World 5-tent.png A level where the player gets a stamp of a laughing Sprixie Princess.