King Ka-thunk's Castle

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King Ka-thunk's Castle
SM3DW King Ka'Thunk's Castle.png
World-Level World 5-CastleCastleIcon SM3DW.png
World World 5
Game Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Time limit 400 seconds
Boss King Ka-thunk
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King Ka-thunk's Castle (known in the British English version as King Kathunk's Castle), or World 5-CastleCastleIcon SM3DW.png, is the third castle level of Super Mario 3D World and the ninth course in World 5. It is unlocked via completing Searchlight Sneak, and its own completion frees the purple Sprixie Princess who builds a Clear Pipe to World 6. This is the only castle level in the game that does not need to be unlocked with Green Stars.


This level starts on a platform with some Ka-thunks nearby, with some ? Blocks in sight. After navigating past some Chargin' Chucks and moving platforms, a nearby Warp Box takes the player to an area with some more Ka-thunks and the Checkpoint Flag. The player now needs to avoid Ka-thunks that come out from crevices in the wall, as well as more Chargin' Chucks. A nearby Warp Box brings the player to King Ka-thunk. After his defeat, a Warp Box transports the player to the purple Sprixie Princess and a Goal Pole.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: The player must activate the Green Ring and collect all eight Green Coins to reveal the Green Star.
  • Green Star 2: After the checkpoint, the second Green Star can be found inside a Ka-thunk. (See picture)
  • Green Star 3: The player must use the Cat form to climb a wall right next to the second Warp Box to obtain the Green Star.


Wii U version
Switch version
  • Not far from the second Green Star, the player must use the cat form to climb the wall next to the rotating Ka-thunks. The stamp is a Chargin' Chuck.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガッチンキングの砦
Gatchinkingu no toride
King Ka-thunk's Fortress
Spanish La fortaleza del rey marcoplás King Ka-thunk's Fortress
French Citadelle du Roi Klonk King Ka-thunk's Citadel
Dutch King Kathunks kasteel King Ka-thunk's castle
German König Klonks Kastell King Ka-thunk's Castle
Italian Fortezza di Re Clompo King Ka-thunk's fortress
Portuguese A fortaleza do Rei Quadrapumba King Ka-thunk's fortress
Russian Крепость Кар-Каса
Krepost' Kar-Kasa
King Ka-thunk's Fortress
Chinese 框噹王的堡壘
Kuàngdāngwáng de Bǎolěi
King Ka-thunk's Fortress