Hisstocrat Returns

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Hisstocrat Returns
Hisstocrat Returns.jpg
Level code World Bowser-B
World World Bowser
Game Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Time limit 500 seconds
Boss Pink Hisstocrat
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Hisstocrat Returns or World Bowser-B is a boss level in World Bowser of Super Mario 3D World and its Nintendo Switch port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. This level and Motley Bossblob's Encore are both unlocked by completing Grumblump Inferno and completion of both this level and Motley Bossblob's Encore unlocks The Great Tower of Bowser Land.


This level starts with the player on a short platform. At the end is a ? Block where the player can get a Super Bell, which is helpful for the fight with the pink Hisstocrat. The player needs to go to the top of the staircase and jump on the zipline lift that leads to the boss fight.

During the boss fight, Hisstocrat will pop out of the ground, causing lava rocks to fly everywhere, which form into a pool of lava when they touch the ground. She will then summon her minions, which are snake-like creatures with plates on their heads. The player needs to jump on the plates and jump onto Hisstocrat's head, causing her to take damage and retreat into the ground before popping out again. Sometimes her minions' plates have cracks in them, and standing on them will cause it to break, making the player fall or get bitten by the minion. Sometimes Super Bells will appear on the plates, so that Cat Mario can climb up the minions, making the boss fight easier. After the player has defeated Hisstocrat, a Warp Box leads to the Goal Pole.

Green Star[edit]

  • The player receives the only Green Star by defeating Hisstocrat.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘビースネーク ふたたび!!
Hebī Sunēku Futatabi!!
Hisstocrat again!!

Chinese 沉重蛇再次登場!!
Chénzhòngshé Zàicì Dēngchǎng!!
Hisstocrat Appears again!!

Dutch Terug aan het hof van Hisstocrat
Back to the court of Hisstocrat
German Von Zischel schlägt zurück
Hisstocrat strikes back
Italian Rivincita con Sua Sibilanza
Rematch against Hisstocrat
Korean 헤비스네이크 재등장!!
Hebi-Seuneikeu Jaedeungjang!!
Hisstocrat Reappears!!

Portuguese O regresso de Sua Serpenteza
The return of Hisstocrat
Russian Десерт с Гадейшеством
Desert s Gadeyshestvom
Dessert with Hisstocrat

Spanish Su Serpenteza planta nueva cara
Hisstocrat confronts again