Sunshine Seaside

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Sunshine Seaside
SM3DW Peach in Koopa Shell.png
World-Level World 5-1
World World 5
Game Super Mario 3D World
Time limit 500 seconds
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Sunshine Seaside, otherwise known as World 5-1, is the first course in World 5 from Super Mario 3D World. The level is unlocked by either clearing Lava Rock Lair in World 4, or entering the secret Warp Pipe in Piranha Creeper Creek.


The first and main area of this level is a sandy beach. Here, players find palm trees, sand statues and five Key Coins. There are also Koopa Troopas and a team of Chargin' Chucks. The so-called "sea" ends at a bottomless pit.

The Key Coins open the Warp Box to the next area, a floating island with the Checkpoint Flag and a Warp Pipe. Players are sent to a cavern where they ride Plessie through a river, dealing with Splounders and moving bridges along the way. Another Warp Pipe at the end of the cave takes the players to the final island, where the Goal Pole and some Para-Biddybuds are found.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: Inside a Goomba sand statue near the start of the level.
  • Green Star 2: A secret room can be accessed via a Warp Pipe in a hole under the water, next to the first Warp Box. Inside it, players must step on every panel on the ground to reveal the Green Star.
  • Green Star 3: There is a small cave in the wall to the very right of the first section. If players defeat every Biddybud there, Captain Toad gives them the final Green Star.





Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンサンビーチ
Sansan bīchi
Sun Sun Beach
Spanish Un paseo por la playa A beach stroll
French (NOA) Rivage ensoleillé Sunny Shore
French (NOE) Littoral tropical Tropical Shoreline
Dutch Zon, zee en sleutelmunten Sun, sea and Key Coins
German Sonnenbrand im Tropenstrand Sunburn in the tropical beach
Italian Tropico dei Koopa Koopas' tropics
Portuguese Baía soalheira Sunny bay
Russian Солнечный берег
Solnechniy bereg
Sunny Shore