Hands-On Hall

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Hands-On Hall
Screenshot of Super Mario 3D World.
Level code World 6-3
World World 6
Game Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Time limit 400 seconds
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Hands-On Hall, otherwise known as World 6-3, is the third level in the sixth world of Super Mario 3D World and its Nintendo Switch port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, becoming accessible after beating World 6-2, Spooky Seasick Wreck. Players must acquire 100 Green Stars to unlock the course, and its own completion opens Prince Bully Blockade. In the original Wii U version, the Wii U GamePad must be used to play the level. This level resembles a traditional Japanese dojo, and has orchestrated music combining both Japanese and Chinese features. In addition, this stage's Japanese name closely resembles the name of the Family Computer Disk System title The Mysterious Murasame Castle.


Screenshot of Super Mario 3D World.
Toad facing Spikes

The first area players visit a short indoors corridor. At the end of it there are two sliding doors that reveal a Warp Pipe when tapped on via the GamePad or the touch cursor on the Nintendo Switch, hence the name "Hands-On." They are dropped into a longer, three-story room with a few Goombas, Galoombas, and one single Spike. The third story has a Gong that makes coins fall from the ceiling when hit.

A Warp Box takes the player to the outside of the temple, where the Checkpoint Flag is, besides Propeller Boxes and enemies such as Thwomps and Goombas. The Goal Pole is on the highest roof. Here, the character can also collect all five Key Coins to open a Warp Box that leads to an optional area with many gongs and Spikes.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: Behind two touchable false walls, which in turn are behind sliding doors on the third floor, alongside two Galoombas and piles of coins.
  • Green Star 2: Floating above a gap in the outdoors area, requiring the use of a Propeller Box.
  • Green Star 3: After the Warp Box in the optional room, there is a gong that reveals a Mystery Box. It warps players to a cage with a Spike. Defeating it makes the third Green Star appear.


Wii U version
Switch version
  • After going past the two gongs in the optional area, the player must follow the first set of spiked rollers that lead to an outdoor area. Then, the player must use a Propeller Box to fly up to the middle roof, and the stamp is on a cloud. The stamp is a Coin Coffer.

Luigi sightings[edit]

The spiked rollers that lead outside have an 8-bit Luigi on them.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タッチ!謎のからくり城
Tacchi! Nazo no karakuri jō
Touch! Mysterious Mechanism Castle
Chinese 點觸!謎樣的機關城堡
Diǎnchù! Míyàng de Jīguān Chéngbǎo
Touch! Mysterious Mechanism Castle
Dutch Huis van de duizend schuifdeuren House of the thousand sliding doors
French Château tactile Tactile Castle
German Das Haus der tausend Touchscreen-Türen The house of thousand touchscreen doors
Italian Castello delle porte scorrevoli Castle of the sliding doors
Portuguese O castelo das portas misteriosas The castle of the mysterious doors
Russian Раскрываем тайны замка
Raskryvayem tayny zamka
Revealing the castle's secrets
Spanish El castillo de las trampillas The hatches' castle