Mystery House Melee

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Mystery House Melee
SM3DW Mystery House Melee.png
World-Level World 2-MysteryBoxIcon.pngMystery Box
World World 2
Game Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
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Mystery House Melee, or World 2-MysteryBoxIcon.pngMystery Box, is the first Mystery House in Super Mario 3D World, with each challenge lasting ten seconds. There are five Green Stars to be collected inside it, which appear when all enemies are defeated in each separate challenge.


  • Green Star 1: The player needs to defeat two Galoombas.
  • Green Star 2: The player needs to defeat two Koopa Troopas.
  • Green Star 3: The player needs to defeat two Cat Goombas.
  • Green Star 4: The player needs to defeat four Conkdors.
  • Green Star 5: The player needs to defeat two Fire Bros.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 倒して!倒して!ミステリーハウス
Taoshite! Taoshite! Misuterīhausu
Defeat! Defeat! Mystery House
Chinese 打倒!打倒!神秘屋
Dǎdǎo! Dǎdǎo! Shénmìwū
Defeat! Defeat! Mystery House
Dutch Vlugge Vijanden in het Verrassingshuisje Rapid Enemies in the Mystery House
French Guéguerre dans la maison mystère Squabble in the mystery house
German Hau sie weg im Rätselhaus! Get off at the Mystery House!
Italian Casa Mistero: agguato dei nemici Mystery House: ambush of the enemies
Portuguese Bulha na Casa Mistério Melee in the Mystery House
Russian Схватка в доме загадок
Shvatka v dome zagadok
Scramble in the Mystery House
Spanish Pegando fuerte en la casa del misterio Heavy Hitting in the Mystery House