The Great Tower of Bowser Land

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The Great Tower of Bowser Land
The Great Tower of Bowser Land.jpg
World-Level World BowserBowserIcon SM3DW.png-CastleCastleIcon SM3DW.png
World World Bowser
Game Super Mario 3D World
Time limit 500 seconds
Boss Meowser
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The Great Tower of Bowser Land (known as The Great Tower of Bowser World in the British English version), also known as World BowserBowserIcon SM3DW.png-CastleCastleIcon SM3DW.png is the final standard course of World Bowser, and the final main course in Super Mario 3D World. It is set in Bowser's Castle, now amusement-park themed, with a very tall tower on the center. Unlocking this level requires 170 Green Stars.


The entrance from the world map.

The course begins near the remains of the Koopa Chase Lv2 and right next to it a zipline. If the players have a cat suit, scratching the golden tire wheel will make the car light up and make a foghorn noise. Then after jumping onto the zipline and jumping off, the remainder of the course is on the roof. The course contains bottomless pits, volcanic debris from the volcano in the background, along with Spikes in the floor. After passing that, the Crazy Clown Ferris Wheel, Captain Toad awaits the players before them get on another zipline that leads to Bowser.

After that, Bowser appears and uses a Super Bell to turn himself into Meowser. The rest of the course involves climbing a large tower while Meowser shoots fireballs, scratches through the wall, and uses Double Cherries so his doubles can assist. At the end of the course, the giant Super POW Block must be hit four times to defeat Meowser.

A Clear Pipe to the Goal Pole reveals itself, and the course ends with all seven Sprixie Princesses rescued.

During the credits, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad return to the Mushroom Kingdom, as do Captain Toad and the other Toads. Bowser is trapped inside a bottle, Boom Boom is upset and Pom Pom tries to comfort him. The Sprixie Princesses, their people and Plessie also give their new friends a fond farewell. Additionally, Rosalina appears if the player replays the level after unlocking her.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: After getting off of the first zipline, the Green Star is on the rightmost side of the highest part of the first building the player lands on.
  • Green Star 2: On the Ferris Wheel, the four Bullies must be defeated to reveal the second Green Star. If the Bullies are all defeated, the Green Star will reveal in the center of the Ferris Wheel.
  • Green Star 3: During the first phase of the final battle, revealed after collecting every Green Coin from the Green Star Ring.


  • At the end of the stage, near the Goal Pole, there is a bell tree with the stamp floating directly above it. The stamp is Meowser.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 決戦! クッパランドのスーパータワー
Kessen! Kuppa rando no sūpā tawā
Final Showdown! Super Tower of Bowser Land
Spanish Ascenso a la torre de Bowser Bowser's tower ascent
French Tour infernale de Bowser Bowser's Infernal Tower
Dutch Bowsers kermiskasteel Bowser's Funfair Castle
German Bowsers großer Turm Bowser's Great Tower
Italian Scontro nella supertorre di Bowser Clash at Bowser's supertower
Portuguese Desafio na torre final do Bowser Challenge in Bowser's final tower
Russian Большущая башня Боузера
Bolshushchaya bashnya Bouzera
Bowser's gigantic tower