Mystery House Mad Dash

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Mystery House Mad Dash
SM3DW W4-House.png
Level code World 4-An icon of a Mystery Box.
World World 4
Game Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
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Mystery House Mad Dash, or World 4-An icon of a Mystery Box., is the second Mystery House in the game Super Mario 3D World and its Nintendo Switch port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, with each challenge lasting ten seconds. There are ten Green Stars to be collected inside it. The challenges are oriented around trying to quickly get to the Green Star while avoiding enemies and obstacles.


  • Green Star 1: The player needs to use the Jump Panels to scale cliffs.
  • Green Star 2: The player needs to traverse a sandy pathway filled with Horned Ant Troopers coming out of pipes.
  • Green Star 3: The player is chased by a Banzai Bill from behind along a path filled with Crates.
  • Green Star 4: The player needs to avoid a set of Spikes along a somewhat narrow path.
  • Green Star 5: The player needs to traverse a thin pathway. Along the pathway, there is a single Brick Block that contains a Coin Box.
  • Green Star 6: The player uses a Dash Panel to run under a long row of Thwomps and must make a jump at the end to reach the Green Star.
  • Green Star 7: The player needs to traverse three swinging platforms.
  • Green Star 8: The player needs to run through a path filled with Goombas and Mini Goombas.
  • Green Star 9: The player needs to navigate through a thin pathway with Cat Bullet Bills shooting from the side.
  • Green Star 10: The player needs to traverse a path of Donut Blocks while spikes throw Spike Bars, causing the Donut Blocks to fall.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 駆け抜けろ!ミステリーハウス
Kake nukero! Misuterī hausu
Breakthrough! Mystery House
Chinese 快跑啊!神秘屋
Kuàipǎo a! Shénmìwū
Run Quickly! Mystery House
Dutch Rappe renners in het verrassingshuisje Rapid runners in the Mystery House
French À tombeau ouvert dans la maison mystère Full speed ahead in the mystery house
German Raserei im Rätselhaus Racing at mystery house
Italian Casa Mistero: corsa contro il tempo Mystery House: race against time
Korean 달려라! 미스터리 하우스
Dallyeora! Miseuteori Hauseu
Run! Mystery House
Portuguese Correrias loucas na Casa Mistério Mad rushes in the Mystery House
Russian Задорный забег в доме загадок
Zadorniy zabeg v dome zagadok
Exciting run at the mystery house
Spanish A correr en la casa del misterio Run at the mystery house