World 6 (Super Mario 3D World)

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World 6
3DWorld6MapLuigi - alt.jpg
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Levels 12
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World 6 is the sixth world of Super Mario 3D World. It is a group of clouds floating near World 5 and World 1; in fact, World 5 is still visible near the start of the world. However, only the Castle and Enemy Battle are shown. ? Blocks and Coins are scattered throughout the map. It contains seven standard courses, two Enemy Battles, a Toad House, a Lucky House, a Mystery House, a Castle, a Boss Arena, and a Sprixie House. After completing the castle, the cyan Sprixie Princess will create a Clear Pipe to Motley Bossblob's Big Battle, and completing that level unlocks World Castle.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
World 6-1 Clear Pipe Cruise WiiU SuperMario scrn06 E3.png A sky-themed level with many Clear Pipes and Fuzzies.
World 6-2 Spooky Seasick Wreck SM3DW Spooky Seasick Wreck.png A haunted level with many airships, Bullies and Peepas, and an underwater section.
World 6-3 Hands-On Hall WiiU SM3DW 10.15.13 Scrn26.png An Oriental-styled level featuring the Goomba Mask.
World 6-4 Deep Jungle Drift SM3DW Deep Jungle Drift.png A Jungle-themed level with purple, poisonous water and many gates to climb.
World 6-A Prince Bully Blockade WiiU SM3DW 10.15.13 Scrn17.png A small castle arena with Clear Pipes, where Prince Bully is fought for the first time.
World 6-5 Ty-Foo Flurries Ty-foo Screenshot - Super Mario 3D World.png A snow-themed level with many Ty-foos, spikes and ice skates.
World 6-6 Bullet Bill Base SM3DW banzaibill.jpg A mechanical level with many conveyor belts and Bullet Bills.
World 6-B Fire Bros. Hideout #3 SM3DW Fire Bros. 3.png A battle with one Fire Bro along with two Hammer Bros. and two Boomerang Bros.
World 6-7 Fuzzy Time Mine WiiU SuperMario scrn07 E3.png An auto-scrolling tower where a swarm of Fuzzies chases the player.
World 6-TankIcon.pngTank Bowser's Bob-omb Brigade SM3DW Bowser's Bob-omb Brigade.png The second Tank course, featuring Boom Boom as a boss again.
World 6-C Motley Bossblob's Big Battle Shiny Clown Screenshot - Super Mario 3D World.png The first battle with Motley Bossblob.
World 6-MysteryBoxIcon.pngMystery Box Mystery House Throwdown SM3DW World 6-House.png The third Mystery House challenge, this time with five rooms where the player has to use baseballs.
World 6-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House Sprixie House SM3DW World 6-tent.png A level where the player gets a stamp of a Sprixie Princess thinking.