Lake Lapcat

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Lake Lapcat
SM3DW+BF Unknown World.jpg
Lake Lapcat in the rain
Inhabitants Cats, enemies' cat variations
First appearance Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (2021)

Lake Lapcat is an archipelago dedicated to cats found in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, more precisely in Bowser's Fury. It is the kingdom where the whole standalone story takes place. It is an open-world, colorful and cat-themed kingdom mainly inhabited by various colored cats. Because of its theming around cats, nearly all of its elements, including trees, shrubs, and flowers, are modified to include feline features.

Lake Lapcat has a grayish blue main color scheme, similar to the Lake Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey. These colors are also used by many of the area's walls, pillars, and windows. On some walls and ledges, cat-based hieroglyphs can be spotted.

Lake Lapcat is home to a unique power-up, the Giga Bell, which sits on a pedestal.

While Fury Bowser is active, the sky becomes dark and the kingdom rainy, along with having some spike-shaped platforms plunged into the ground and walls. These platforms modify the terrain, and Mario is able to jump on them, sometimes even able to reach higher places.


A Cat Shine

Lake Lapcat features Cat Shines, collectibles that are scattered across all the kingdom, similar to Power Stars, Shine Sprites and Power Moons. These shines are use to awaken the Giga Bell's power, in sufficient quantities. They are related in an unknown way to the Cat Shines towers that appears once or more on each island. Cat medals also appear in this location, while their purpose is currently unknown. Coins also appear throughout Lake Lapcat.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Mar de los zarpazos Sea of swipes
German Schmusekatzen-See Cuddle Cats Lake
Chinese (Simplified) 猫咪之国[1]
Māomī zhī Guó
Kingdom of Cats
Chinese (Traditional) 貓咪之國[2]
Māomī zhī Guó
Kingdom of Cats