World Star (Super Mario 3D World)

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This article is about the world in Super Mario 3D World. For other worlds named World Star, see World Star.
World Star
World Star from Super Mario 3D World
Game Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Level(s) 10
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World Star (called Star World on Miiverse) is the first special world and the ninth world in Super Mario 3D World and its Nintendo Switch port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. It takes place above the Sprixie Kingdom, and can only be accessed by completing World Bowser and taking the Rocket in World 1 which was built by the Sprixie Princesses. It contains nine standard courses, a Captain Toad's Adventures course, and a Sprixie House. Upon completing World StarWorld Star-2, Rosalina becomes available as a playable character. After completing Cosmic Cannon Cluster and collecting the necessary amount of Green Stars, stamps, and gold flags, the rocket to World Mushroom will be available. World Star appears to be made of a water-like substance, due to the ripples and splashes made when walked on.


Level number Level name Preview Description
World StarWorld Star-1 Rainbow Run Rainbow Run in the game Super Mario 3D World A space course with Skipsqueaks and rainbow-colored pathways.
World StarWorld Star-2 Super Galaxy Rosalina as a playable character performing a Spin Attack. A space course based on and themed around Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina is unlocked as a playable character upon completion of this level.
World StarWorld Star-3 Rolling Ride Run Rolling Ride Run from Super Mario 3D World. A wooden-themed athletic course with rolling cylinders.
World StarWorld Star-4 The Great Goal Pole The Great Goal Pole A sky course with a winged Goal Pole. The pole starts out at the beginning of the level, but it starts flying away so the player must chase it down. There are 100 seconds on the timer and no + Clocks present.
World StarWorld Star-5 Super Block Land Super Block Land from Super Mario 3D World. A grassland level filled with giant blocks.
World StarWorld Star-6 Honeycomb Starway Honeycomb Starway.jpg A space course with top-bottom view, featuring "honeycomb" platforms.
World StarWorld Star-7 Gargantuan Grotto Gargantuan Grotto from Super Mario 3D World. A jungle with Big Galoombas and Mega Mushrooms.
World StarWorld Star-8 Peepa's Fog Bog Peepa's Fog Bog from Super Mario 3D World. An outdoor snowy Ghost House course with fog, gravestones, disappearing and reappearing ground, and a poison river along which players must safely ride wooden rafts.
World StarWorld Star-9 Cosmic Cannon Cluster Cosmic Cannon Cluster.jpg A futuristic space course with the Cannon Boxes.
World StarWorld Star-Toad Icon from Super Mario 3D WorldCaptain Toad Captain Toad Takes a Spin Captain Toad Takes a Spin from Super Mario 3D World. The Captain Toad's Adventures course of World Star, where he can rotate the stage, which itself is mechanical-themed.
World StarWorld Star-Sprixie House Icon from Super Mario 3D WorldSprixie House Sprixie House World Star Sprixie House in Super Mario 3D World A Sprixie in the Sprixie House gives the player a stamp.

New enemies[edit]