Searchlight Sneak

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Not to be confused with Searchlight Seek.
Searchlight Sneak
Searchlight Sneak from World 5 in Super Mario 3D World.
Level code World 5-7
World World 5
Game Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Time limit 400 seconds
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Searchlight Sneak, otherwise known as World 5-7, is the seventh course in World 5 from Super Mario 3D World and its Nintendo Switch port Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. The level is unlocked by clearing either Bob-ombs Below or Cakewalk Flip, and its own completion unlocks King Ka-thunk's Castle.


This level starts on a platform surrounded by lava with some searchlights, Hop-Chops, and Cat Bullet Bill launchers nearby. If the player steps into a searchlight, a Bowser emblem will appear on it and will fire some Cat Bullet Bill waves after the player. After avoiding some more of the aforementioned hazards, the player reaches the Checkpoint Flag. This is followed by some more searchlights and Cat Bullet Bills, with some stairs nearby. The player needs to climb the stairs and avoid the searchlights in order to reach an area which houses the Goal Pole. In the background of this area is World 5's Castle, submerged in lava.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: The player must use a Springboard to jump to the first green star.
  • Green Star 2: After the stamp, the player must lure a Cat Bullet Bill into a crack in the wall to reveal a Mystery Box that leads to a room with the green star.
  • Green Star 3: Near the end, the third green star is surrounded by large gray and black Brick Blocks that can be destroyed by Cat Bullet Bills.


Wii U version
Switch version
  • Immediately after the checkpoint, the stamp is seen above some ? Blocks and shined on by a searchlight. The stamp is Toad jumping.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいくぐれ!サーチライト
Kaikugure! Sāchiraito
Slip through! Search light

Chinese 巧妙潛入!探照燈
Qiǎomiào Qiánrù! Tànzhàodēng
Sneak Through Cleverly! Search Lights

Dutch Uit het licht, uit het zicht
Not in the light, out of vision
French En douce sous les projecteurs
Sneakily Under the Spotlight
German Schleichgang unter Scheinwerfern
Sneaking under spotlights
Italian Riflettori traditori
Treacherous spotlights
Portuguese Na mira dos holofotes
In the spotlights' sight
Russian Украдкой от прожекторов
Ukradkoy ot prozhektorov
(Going) By stealth from spotlights

Spanish Los focos delatores
The Treacherous Spotlights