World 3 (Super Mario 3D World)

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World 3
World 3 Map SM3DW.jpg
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Levels 11
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World 3 is the third world of Super Mario 3D World. It's a snow-themed island surrounded with ice blocks. It lies southwest of World 1, south of World 2, west of World 4, east of World 5, and below World 6, World Castle, and World Bowser. The world contains seven standard courses, a Captain Toad's Adventures course, a Sprixie House, a Castle, and a Boss Arena. After the player has beaten Pom Pom, the blue Sprixie Princess will create a Clear Pipe to World 3-B, and clearing that level unlocks World 4.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
World 3-1 Snowball Park SM3DW Snowball Park.png A snow and ice level with snowballs, Ice Skates and a Propeller Box.
World 3-2 Chain-Link Charge SM3DW World3-2.png An auto-scrolling level with moving fences. Requires 30 Green Stars to unlock.
World 3-3 Shifty Boo Mansion Shifty Boo Mansion.jpg The first ghost house level featuring moving staircases and Boos.
World 3-4 Pretty Plaza Panic SM3DW Pretty Plaza Panic.png A dessert-themed level with only 100 seconds on the clock. It contains a Princess Peach switch.
World 3-A Magikoopa Blockade SM3DW Magikoopa Block.png A small castle arena with three Magikoopas.
World 3-5 Pipeline Lagoon SM3DW World3-5.png A beach and underwater level. This is also the second appearance of the Cannon Box.
World 3-6 Mount Must Dash Mount Must Dash.jpg A Super Mario Kart-styled level with dash panels and spring platforms.
World 3-7 Switchboard Falls SM3DW Switchboard Falls.png An autumn-themed level with Switchboards.
World 3-TrainIcon.pngTrain The Bullet Bill Express SM3DW Bullet Bill Express.png A boss level that takes place on a Bowser train. This level introduces Pom Pom.
World 3-B A Banquet with Hisstocrat SM3DW A Banquet with Hisstocrat E3.png A boss arena featuring Hisstocrat and his minions.
World 3-SM3DW Captain Toad Level Icon.pngCaptain Toad Captain Toad Makes a Splash SM3DW W3-Toad.png The second Captain Toad level featuring a water section and Rammerheads.
World 3-SprixieHouseIcon.pngSprixie House Sprixie House SM3DW World 3-tent.png A level where the player gets a stamp of a Sprixie Princess crying.