Rammerhead Reef

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Rammerhead Reef
Rammerhead Reef.jpg
World-Level World CastleWorldCastleIcon (SM3DW).png-6
World World Castle
Game Super Mario 3D World
Time limit 400 seconds
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Rammerhead Reef, or World CastleWorldCastleIcon (SM3DW).png-6, is the sixth course in the seventh world of Super Mario 3D World, World Castle. It becomes accessible by beating Prince Bully Blockade Is Back, and its own completion unlocks Simmering Lava Lake and Captain Toad Gets Thwomped.


This level features Rammerheads, a rare fish in the shape of a hammerhead fish. The level begins with a lot of Rammerheads, then after the player will warp to a volcanic island with Madpoles where the Checkpoint Flag is located. The player needs to dodge more Rammerheads before they can reach the goal pole and complete the level.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: In a small alcove close to the beginning of the level, accessed by breaking crates.
  • Green Star 2: In a section with Rammerheads swimming in narrow passages, one of them has a bubble containing the Green Star.
  • Green Star 3: Inside a Clear Pipe behind two giant rotating Rammerheads. The player needs a Fire Flower to destroy the mine inside.


  • In an area with Rammerheads moving up and down, it is found higher in the area on a platform. The stamp is a Blooper.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シュモックのなわばり
Shumokku no nawabari
Rammerhead's Territory
Spanish (NOA) La fosa submarina de los peces martillo The Rammerheads' underwater trench
Spanish (NOE) La fosa submarina de los Tibumartillos The Rammerheads' underwater trench
French Brasse entre les requins-barjos Breast stroke swim in between the Rammerheads
Dutch Het rif van de Rammerheads The reef of the Rammerheads
German Im Reich des Rammerhais In Rammerhead's Realm
Italian Fondali degli Squali Martesto Rammerheads' depths
Portuguese Entre marretas e marés Between mallets and tides
Russian Риф рыб-таранов
Rif ryb-taranov
Rammerheads reef