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Rammerhead small SM3DW Prima.jpg
Rammerhead big SM3DW Prima.jpg
First appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)

Rammerheads are enemies from Super Mario 3D World. They are semi rare enemies and their name is a portmanteau of "hammerhead" and "rammer". They only appear in the levels Rammerhead Reef, Captain Toad Makes a Splash, and Pipeline Boom Lagoon.

Mario and two Rammerheads

Rammerheads are pink (purple underwater) hammerhead shark-like fish with wide, spiked, roll-shaped snouts. They come in two sizes: the big ones are common, while small ones are rare. These enemies have three types of attacks: some swim in a predetermined pattern, some swim around stones, and others jump out of the water. Only the spiked portion of their heads cause damage; their bodies themselves are harmless. They can only be defeated by Invincible Mario and Lucky Cat Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シュモック
From shumokuzame (hammerhead shark)
Spanish (NOA) Pez martillo Hammer fish; "pez martillo" is also another term to refer to the hammerhead shark.
Spanish (NOE) Tibumartillo From tiburón (shark) and martillo (hammer)
French Requin-Barjo From requin-marteau (hammerhead) and barjo (bonkers)
German Rammerhai Rammershark
Russian рыб-таранов