World 1 (Super Mario 3D World)

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World 1
World 1 - Super Mario 3D World.png
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Levels 8
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World 1 is the first world of Super Mario 3D World. It is a small grassy island with blocky bushes and flowers that lies southwest of World 2 and World 3, south of World 4, east of World 5, and below World 6, World 7, and World 8. ? Blocks and Coins are scattered throughout the map. It contains five standard courses, an Enemy Battle, and two Toad Houses; one normal house is north of the Enemy Battle, and the other hidden is in a large shrub in the back of the island, to the left of Bowser's Castle. It is hidden inside the black opening. The level also includes the first Lucky House, Captain Toad course, and castle. The boss of the world is Bowser in his Bowser Mobile.

After completing the castle, the Green Sprixie Princess will create a Clear Pipe to World 2. In World 5, there is a green warp pipe that can be created below the castle; the pipe takes players to a small island, where the lower green warp pipe will warp the player back to World 1, where it will remain open next to the castle.

After the game is completed, the Sprixie Princesses will build a rocket at the beginning of the island that leads to World Star.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
World 1-1 Super Bell Hill Mega Mario and Co. Screenshot - Super Mario 3D World.png An outside course with grassy fields, Beanpoles, small ponds, and white wooden bridges. The Super Bell is introduced in this level.
World 1-2 Koopa Troopa Cave Super-Mario-3D-World-1-2.jpg An underground cave course with lamps that players can touch to reveal hidden coins. The stage contains Koopa Troopas and introduces the Fire Flower.
World 1-A Chargin' Chuck Blockade Chargin' Chuck Blockade.jpg An Enemy Battle with two Chargin' Chucks that seems to take place in a castle room of some sort.
World 1-3 Mount Beanpole WiiU SM3DW 10.01.13 Scrn10.png A tall, grassy mountain course with Beanpoles for the players to climb on, and colored blocks similar to those from Super Mario Bros. 3.
World 1-4 Plessie's Plunging Falls WiiU SuperMario scrn04 E3.png A course containing a large river that can only be crossed with the new creature, Plessie. There are plenty of waterfalls throughout the course as well.
World 1-5 Switch Scramble Circus WiiU SM3DW 10.15.13 Scrn27.png A festival tent course with Switch Panels.
World 1-CastleCastleIcon SM3DW.png Bowser's Highway Showdown Bowser Mobile Battle.png The first Castle course, with Bowser in his Bowser Mobile. It requires ten Green Stars to unlock, and must be unlocked to progress.
World 1-CaptainToadIcon.pngCaptain Toad Captain Toad Goes Forth SM3DWtower.png The first Captain Toad course containing Biddybuds and moving platforms.