World Flower (Super Mario 3D World)

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World Flower
World Flower SM3DW.jpg
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Levels 12
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World Flower (called Flower World on Miiverse) is the third special world and the eleventh world in Super Mario 3D World. It is unlocked after clearing Broken Blue Bully Belt in World Mushroom. This world sits adjacent to World Mushroom, and consists of remixes of previous courses. World Flower contains twelve standard courses, the most of any world in the Super Mario series.

This is the only world in the game to not have a Captain Toad's Adventures course, a Mystery House, or any other special kind of level. This is also the only world that is not first accessed via a Clear Pipe or rocket ship.


Level Number Level Name Preview Description
World FlowerWorld Flower-1 Switch Shock Circus Switch Shock Circus.jpg A harder version of Switch Scramble Circus, with Fizzlits.
World FlowerWorld Flower-2 Floating Fuzzy Time Mine Floating Fuzzy Time Mine.jpg A harder version of Fuzzy Time Mine with water.
World FlowerWorld Flower-3 Piranha Creeper Creek after Dark Piranha Creeper Creek After Dark.jpg A harder version of Piranha Creeper Creek that takes place in the night. The player has to light up all of the torches in the three areas of this level in order to collect all three Green Stars.
World FlowerWorld Flower-4 Faster Fort Fire Bros. Faster Fort Fire Bros..jpg A harder version of Fort Fire Bros. The player starts with only 30 seconds remaining and must collect additional cyan + Clocks to gain more time.
World FlowerWorld Flower-5 Sprawling Savanna Rabbit Run Sprawling Savanna Rabbit Run.jpg A harder version of Sprawling Savanna that takes place in the morning. The course has 500 seconds. It is also the only standard course in the game that is not connected to the previous course by a yellow path, and is available as soon as World FlowerWorld Flower-1 is unlocked.
World FlowerWorld Flower-6 Shiftier Boo Mansion Shiftier Boo Mansion.jpg A harder version of Shifty Boo Mansion, in a 1940s black-and-white TV aspect and with the exit hidden.
World FlowerWorld Flower-7 Pipeline Boom Lagoon Pipeline Boom Lagoon.jpg A harder version of Pipeline Lagoon, with Cannon Boxes.
World FlowerWorld Flower-8 Blast Block Skyway Blast Block Skyway.jpg A harder version of Beep Block Skyway. The beep blocks in this level switch four times faster than before.
World FlowerWorld Flower-9 Towering Sunshine Seaside Towering Sunshine Seaside.jpg A harder and shorter version of Sunshine Seaside that takes place at sunset, featuring Goomba Towers with Fire Bros.
World FlowerWorld Flower-10 Honeycomb Skyway Honeycomb Skyway.jpg A harder version of Honeycomb Starway. The course is set under a blue sky as opposed to black in the original level.
World FlowerWorld Flower-11 Spiky Spike Bridge Sneak Spiky Spike Bridge Sneak.jpg A harder version of Spiky Spike Bridge. This level contains searchlights from Searchlight Sneak, which, if stepped in, cause spikes to appear on the bridges.
World FlowerWorld Flower-12 Boss Blitz Boss Blitz.jpg As the name suggests, the level is a boss rush where the player must fight six previous bosses. The first five bosses must be fought in order to gain the five keys required to unlock the Warp Box: King Ka-thunk, Pom Pom, Hisstocrat (male and female together), Boss Brolder and Boom Boom. The unlocked Warp Box leads to the sixth and final boss fight: a second rematch with Motley Bossblob, which when defeated leaves a Warp Box which leads to the Goal Pole. This is the only level in both World Mushroom and World Flower that is not a remix of a single level. All boss fights are now set in space at night.