Trivia: Super Mario 3D World

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What does THAT thing do?
Developer(s) Unknown
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date 2014[citation needed]
Genre Trivia
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Trivia: Super Mario 3D World is a trivia game on the Play Nintendo website. It was made to promote the release of Super Mario 3D World. The questions are centered around items and power-ups found in the game.


One of the five trivia questions.

The player has a total of five trivia questions to answer. Each question gives the player four answers to choose from, with only one of them being the correct answer. When clicked on, the player must select "Check answer" to see if they are correct. If the player answers correctly, the item they selected will be highlighted green. If the player answers incorrectly, the item they selected will be highlighted red and the correct answer will be both written in the results area and highlighted green. At the end of the quiz, a message will pop up saying how many the player got out of five. The player can then choose to either take the quiz again or take a different quiz on the website.


Correct answers are written in bold.

  1. Need to call in the artillery? Try this item on for size!
    • Block
    • POW Block
    • Cannon Box
    • Brick Block
      • Right: You're thinking inside the box! (That's good this time.) The Cannon Box clears the way by firing cannon balls at enemies.
      • Wrong: Misfire! The answer is Cannon Box. It clears the way by firing cannon balls at enemies.
  2. What the...? Did you just grow a Tanooki tail? You must've grabbed one of these.
    • POW Block
    • 1-Up Mushroom
    • Green Star
    • Super Leaf
      • Right: You pinned the tail on the Tanooki! The Super Leaf gives you a groovy Tanooki suit that lets you hover a bit while you jump!
      • Wrong: Nope. You're chasing your own tail. You want the Super Leaf. It turns you into a hovering Tanooki!
  3. Heeeere kitty kitty! Snag one of these beauties to crawl up walls like a cat.
    • Super Bell
    • Boomerang Flower
    • Super Star
    • Goomba Mask
      • Right: Purrfect answer! The Super Bell transforms characters into cats, so they can scratch enemies and climb up walls!
      • Wrong: Scratch that. Wrong answer. You want a Super Bell. It turns characters into wall-climbing cats.
  4. Pick up this power-up to put on a sweet white suit and toss fireballs!
  5. Two is better than one, right? Clone your characters with these little beauties.
    • Light Box
    • Super Mushroom
    • Double Cherry
    • Mega Mushroom
      • Right: Great minds think alike. We're practically twins! The Double Cherry power-up means double trouble for enemies, and that you can collect stuff faster!
      • Wrong: Sorry. You and the answer were separated at birth. It's the Double Cherry power-up that clones your character!

Website description[edit]

What does THAT thing do?

Super Mario 3D World has some magical litter. What happens when you pick it up?


What does THAT thing do?

When you play Super Mario 3D World, you can find a lot of cool stuff just sitting there for you to grab. What do these crazy items do, anyway?