Missing Word Game Bowser for Prez

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A thumbnail, the cryptogram spells "vote".

Missing Word Game Bowser for Prez, also referred to as Bowser for prez by its card and description, is a post in the News section released on Play Nintendo's website. The challenge of the post is to solve a cryptogram.


The solution is marked with a green border.


Missing Word Game Bowser for Prez image 1.jpg

Why does Bowser want to be class president?

So he can ____________ ____________!

Cancel recess


Use the alphabet key below to match the items to their corresponding letter and try to spell out the secret message!

Each letter is represented by an item, block, or enemy.


Bowser’s running for class president, but it’s not because he wants to help anyone…except for himself! Can you solve the riddle below by using the answer key to find the right letters?


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